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Haibun Monday: Faith

Its cold out today and I’m stepping back into the church of my childhood. Its grand edifice stands as it always did, intimidating and yet majestic. Inside the cavern of its supposed holiness still fills me with foreboding and I … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday: Who? What? Why?

Write a haibun about what/who inspired you to write poetry. I started writing ‘poetry’ when I was in my teenage years. I found it a means to express my feelings mainly about girls I thought I should know and fall … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday #29 – Waiting

Its five thirty and the day looms ahead. Summer in Australia is about days like this, one’s we call stinking hot. The prospect of 42C/107F is not something I look forward to. Already the day is challenging in anticipation of … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday: And to all a goodnight

Every sign says it’s going to be a good night. It’s cold outside, the fire is burning, the family gathered around, every seat filled with hips rubbing against the one. We’ve all come great distances to here, the weather and … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday – Free for All – On Waking

Its early and outside its cold as I can see the wind bending the branches on the silky oak outside our window. I look across and you are sleeping still. Your face is at peace after the frantic nature of … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday 2

I have chosen this quote from Kahlil Gibran as the basis for my haibun: Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. We sit in the café a little nervous on our first face to face. It’s taken a … Continue reading

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Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt – Childhood

This week’s prompts: childhood or deluded. Childhood The 7am news blasts out from the old Bakelite wireless, our way of staying touch with the outside world. Mum has it playing loud for two reasons, so she can hear it and … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking: Week 13 – The Monkey Cage

My brother and I stand back and look happily on the now half finished monkey cage. There’s a good week before the cage has to be completed. My brother stands back in his working clothes, dusty from the dust generated … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking: Week 10 – March 25th 2014 – Literature Week

Literary Quote To have the sense of one’s intrinsic worth … is potentially to have everything ~ Joan Didion   The minute is approaching. I will soon hear my name called to step out and deliver what many believe will … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking Week 8: Freestyle Week – Trophies

I have you all now. My little darlings, all lined up like the soldiers you are. We have made numerous journeys in all seasons to get to this place. Now I stand back and admire my handiwork, my trophies each … Continue reading

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