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Time To Write: Dazzle [Creative Writing Prompt] – The Razzle Dazzle Club

The Razzle Dazzle club’s the place Where everybody jives about all over the place Everybody moves Everybody grooves At the Razzle Dazzle club tonight Yes we all gonna cruise on down To the Razzle Dazzle club tonight.   You’ll see … Continue reading

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June 8: Flash Fiction Challenge – Wifflduff

June 8, 2017, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that involves playing an outdoor game, like tetherball, hoops, tag. It can be made up, traditional, cultural or any kind of twist. Go where the prompt … Continue reading

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Finish off Fridays #10: the dress off 17.03.17 – The Well Dressed Moose + The Leprachaun

Edith stood back and looked at her efforts; surely this year hers would be the best dressed moose in town. What with mum’s best beads and grandma’s best hat it had to be a winner. After all she wasn’t going … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt, December 25th – Give me 10 minutes! – Christmas Day

Take 10 minutes. Sit, Write. Whatever comes to mind, let it flow free and just write it down. Write down ALL the thoughts words, concepts, worries, everything – that strolls through your mind in the span of 10 minutes. Yesterday … Continue reading

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A morning with three of my grandsons.

Three of my grandsons are Jack aged 4, William aged 3 and Beau aged 2. Last Saturday morning I was on small boy duty as their mother went off on a Christmas shopping trip. It was a series of adventures … Continue reading

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Music Prompt #65 Michael Jackson “Thriller”

It was, I’m sure after midnight The wind blew out of control The old corrugated iron fence Long neglected and rusted through Rattled and crashed in a way Suggested there may not be a tomorrow. I woke with start, not … Continue reading

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Razzle Dazzle Me! – The Razzle Dazzle Club

Image Google Images Today’s task to absorb the definitions of these words: Razzle: showiness that astonishes; Dazzle: amaze, brightness, brilliance, glare;  Sparkle: effervescence, excel, shine, vivacity, energy, oomph, gusto. Write using the meanings energy of these words. The Razzle Dazzle Club … Continue reading

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