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Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup” – Sipping on the Soup

This weeks great word selection: Arabesque (noun Fine Arts. a sinuous, spiraling, undulating, or serpentine line or linear motif. a pose in ballet in which the dancer stands on one leg with one arm extended in front and the other … Continue reading

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Prompt Nights – Sûrement vous plaisantez – Surely you jest

If I jest I am I a jester? Should I wear a funny hat So you would hear me coming A jiggling and a giggling. I’d tell you my one favourite joke, You know the one, Just to hear you … Continue reading

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SoCS March 12/16 – ball

This week the prompt is the word “ball” This morning I have just returned from the local Catholic Ball. Believe it or not but I was the Belle of the Ball. Who’d a thought me, Richard Head would have gotten … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Week of January 12, 2016 – Casey’s Pool Table

The pool table in Casey’s Bar was always a challenge. Not only was the floor not square but Casey’s father had made the table with one side’s legs three millimetres shorter than the other side. Hence the table always looked … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – Aug. 17th, 2015 – Chaos.

Finish the story begins with:  “I see absolutely everything.” It was hard to imagine the impact those words had on the gathering. As they boomed out on what had been an orderly afternoon with everyone mingling comfortably, it turned suddenly … Continue reading

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SoCS August 15/15 – ‘ay’ words

Congrats to Hope Floats for the winning badge, great design. Words ending in ‘ay’ I say I say I say But this is too hard Linda. Which ‘ay’ word to choose when there are so many. I pondered the task … Continue reading

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Wordle #73 “August 10, 2015″ Arthurius

This week’s words: Hurry Clumsy Deliverance Cask Evade Notch Lofty Galaxy Chamois (an agile, goat-like antelope; a soft, pliable leather from any of various skins dressed with oil, especially fish oil, originally prepared from the skin of the chamois.) Uninvited Apple-chaser (Someone … Continue reading

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“Words to Write By” Prompt #7 – Best Holiday

This week’s words: naïve unite curve magenta efficiency dazzle impervious dejected vanilla garland It was without a doubt the best holiday we had ever had. From our arrival on the island where we were greeted by local girls who lay … Continue reading

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N + 7 = (Huh?) The Marriage of Math and Poetry

Here is the original poem: Come to me? Come to me? I call you in the night My bed, desolate. I wonder where you have gone To which port, into whose arms. I loved the expectation of your words That … Continue reading

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D’verse – On Nonsense, Narrative and Neologisms – or The Noble Art of Telling Tall Tales

I have a cactus in my garden It’s phallic to say the least As if possessing The power of an aphrodisiac, Though none have tried it out. It’s called the penis cactus (Causes every one to smile) You can clearly … Continue reading

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