SoCS January 3/15 – The Letter ‘T’


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This week’s prompt is the letter “t”

Cup of tea?

Sorry haven’t the time.


I’m far too traumatised to think of anything so trivial.

My apologies if I am taking things too lightly.

Its ok it’s the time of year you see.

This time of year or any time?

This time, right now.

Oh I am sorry to hear that.

I mean Christmas was just terrific, New Year was tumultuous and now it’s the nothing that has gotten to me.

New Year can do that to you.

It was all party party party and celebration, toast this toast that now I wake up to………

Yes do tell.

Well you and your tedious ways, your tenuous hold on life.

Well I could terminate myself at any point you realise.

Yes and that thought thrills me.

It does I didn’t think you’d take that view of my condition.

The thought of waking in the morning to find you have terminated yourself, it’s just too much.

Well my condition is terminal.

Yes I know so why can’t I trust you to get on with it.

I’m not ready; my will has to be validated by the trustees.

The bloody trustees, its all take take take with them.

Well look on the bright side when I go, when my tenuous grip on life ends there’s the premise for you putting on your top hat and celebrating my life.

Maybe I should plan your termination party do you think?

Great idea, I’ll get pen and paper and then we’ll sit down, cup of tea and toast at the ready and plan one terrific party.

Tea would be good.

Tension Tamer? *


*Tension Tamer is a herbal tea made by Celestial Seasonings. Best herbal tea I’ve tasted.

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28 Responses to SoCS January 3/15 – The Letter ‘T’

  1. LindaGHill says:

    What a lovely lighthearted look at a serious subject. Nicely written, Michael. 🙂

  2. JackieP says:

    Totally, terrific tale. 😉

  3. weebluebirdie says:

    What a tremendous post! I love how you packed in the ‘t’ words so effortlessy. You are such a versatile writer. Oh, and I must check out the tea you mentioned! I’m a big fan of Pukka teas, which also seem to do what they say on the box.

    • That tea used to be available in our supermarkets but not now so I have to buy it on line, my last lot I had to get from the U.S. But it’s the best for starting my day. Thanks so much for reading, glad you enjoyed my T words.

  4. Tsk tsk, talking too trivially about termination. Thoroughly enjoyable tale. 😃

  5. Dave says:

    Terrifying travesty to talk about termination with so little trepidation. Terrific thoughts for the less timorous among us though.

  6. morgaine620 says:

    Wow that’s an awful lot of T in your post 🙂 I think I need to try the Tension Tamer. Sound terrific 😉

  7. jetgirlcos says:

    Tremendous! I love Tension Tamer, too. Have you toured the Celestial Seasonings factory? It’s a Terrific Tour, if you have the opportunity.

  8. Gabriella says:

    I have never tasted Tension Tamer, or even heard of it. You have whetted my curiosity. Great T poem!

  9. Prajakta says:

    Could not comment earlier, but I found this to be a great post! The T was given it’s due justice and since I recently embarked a journey of exploring different teas, I shall give herbal tea a try even if not the same brand!

  10. Miss Lou says:

    I don’t drink tea of coffee, at all, BUT I might make an exception and try the ‘Tension Tamer’ for good measure.. lol

    Great fun view of the craziness that has been the Holiday Season!


  11. RoSy says:

    A beautiful piece.

  12. I too love Tension Tamer. I agree with you.

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