2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 25 – Breakfast Aerobics


Today’s prompt, write an exercise poem.

She loved the breakfast aerobics class

The gossip in particular.

She had all the right gear

The shoes, the blue and white lycra

The initialled mat for those yoga mornings.

At first she worked hard

Attended with diligence

Stretched and bent

Puffed and panted

Felt the endorphins kicking in

Loved the buzz it gave her.

But she envied others

Listened to their chat

Thought I can do what they do,

Cook, and sew, make fashion statements.

She started bringing in her muffins

Chocolate chip, she baked each night

Devoured by those worked out women,

With a condescending thank you.

She lost all heart, tried harder

More muffins, offered recipes

They scoffed and said, “They are fattening you know.”

So she went back to exercise

Worked out in the back of the gym

Never spoke, grew thinner each day

Until she fell, out like a light.

They stopped momentarily

They were after all, half way through

The mornings step aerobics.


Written for: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2016-april-pad-challenge-day-25


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2 Responses to 2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 25 – Breakfast Aerobics

  1. Lyn says:

    Those women are stupid. You can have your muffin…you just have to exercise for an extra 10 minutes. Well worth it 🙂 Feel sorry for the poor girl working hard all on her own.

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