Photo Challenge #33 “Endless Walk”


Image: Matilda Emgård

My mother looks across the table

You what?

I want to be a model.

My dear girl are you serious?

Yes mother, why not?

Your legs are sticks my dear girl.

You look awkward in heels

Your ungainly gait will never suit

Your arms have no meat on them

And you are far too cautious.

I am prepared to work hard mother dear

I know it’s a long way to the top

I have been practicing

Day and night I am learning

To strut my stuff.

My dear girl you are so young

Your flaming red hair is not so desirable

In that dress you could be a toilet brush

I think you’d best think again

I wouldn’t want you hurt.

You need not worry mother dear

My trusty companion is by my side

He centres me, keeps my eye on the prize.

My best ever friend

He thinks I should give it a go.

Another reason my dear girl

Your mental health bothers me so

The bird is not a human,

Yet you listen to his guidance

He is not a good influence on you.

Romeo is a raven of renown mother dear

A creature of immeasurable wisdom

A stylist, a creative genius

I am lucky to have him

His counselling is priceless.

Then my dear girl, lead on

Live your dream, step out and see

There may be a place for you and Romeo

It will be a long walk, I fear for you

Doubly treacherous on such spindly legs.

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21 Responses to Photo Challenge #33 “Endless Walk”

  1. Lyn says:

    Perfect words to go with the picture, Michael. The picture put me in mind of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Not sure why though. I wish I’d had a raven for a friend when I told my mother I wanted to be a journalist. Things might have turned out differently.

  2. I think my daughter would like a Raven too, can you send one my way? In fact there are many similarities in your words. So many dreams can be squashed by words though can’t they.

  3. LOL! This is fabulous Michael “In that dress you could be a toilet brush” that is one of the best lines ever haha I was looking at my daughters dolls the other day at how skinny their limbs are they get skinnier all the time these dolls. My skeleton isn’t even that skinny

  4. Gia says:

    The last six lines are great. 🙂

  5. Ah Michael! such a delight to read how this “parent” was honest and yet encouraging …never to squash her duaghter’s dream. Perfect response to this unique photo…Yves has the most amazing finds!

  6. I’m sure she made it big seeing how small the models are.

  7. mandy says:

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Michael. I enjoyed that. 🙂

  8. Blake says:

    I really enjoyed the mix of sharp satire, good natured humour and acute characterisation here – it blended well and made for a very distinctive read.

  9. Pat says:

    An amusing and wonderful response to this prompt. I do so love the conflict and encouragement. Such great lines and images in the conversation. Well done and definitely had some lighter moments in this 😀

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