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Tale Weaver #196 – Gratitude – November 8th

He wakes as usual to a cold draught coming down the concrete culvert. He drags the worn old blanket he found by the roadside over him, the cardboard base of his bed is well and truly flattened by his constant … Continue reading

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May 25: Flash Fiction Challenge – Andy Longhorn

May 25, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a that includes the word longhorn. You can go with any of its meanings or make it a name of a person or organization. Cheese or cattle, technology … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Anomaly #writephoto

Each morning William Grainger received two packages. One was the takings, profits and margins from the previous day. The other was his lunch always packed in a brown paper bag and always containing a vegemite sandwich and an apple. William … Continue reading

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Word-High July: Muni-muni

Sometimes we sit and think And sometimes we just sit. Sometimes we sit and chat Sometimes we just chat. Thoughts flow free Pouring out our hearts We cry and comfort. We like being us So we sit and ponder How … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Morpethroad

To all my blogging friends and those who drop by from time to time I wish you all the best for Christmas 2014. I appreciate all the support and encouragement you give and hope to continue the same into 2015. … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #24 – Parabole – Kenny

I was an indulged child. Spoilt rotten you might say. When I was four my parents won the lottery. From then on we had everything that opened and shut and more. As the only child in my family I never … Continue reading

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SoCS August 30/14

This weeks prompt is: young, old, or anything to do with age.   It sucks getting old. You want to do what you once could and you still believe you can but your body has other ideas, usually sedentary ones. … Continue reading

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Ten Things of Thankful

1 Health. That I stand each morning and step forwards is a great thing. I am thankful to Doctors and drugs for keeping me in the shape I am in even if that in itself is challenging. 2 My best … Continue reading

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Poem 31 – Nurture

I came with no great expectations A hope there might be some interest in what I write And so it began A tentative story A beginning A like here, a like there Soon followers, Soon I was following. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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