Tale Weaver’s Prompt #25- The Night Before – Remembering


It was the night before…….what he wasn’t sure of but it was one of those nights where he lay in his bed trying to understand his current agitation.

He knew there would be small feet. Small feet that would run on his once polished floorboards conjuring up clouds of dust which bothered him as he knew he didn’t dust so well now days.

When you shuffled as he did dust was the last of your concerns.

He knew there was change.

Daily he saw it around him. Things were different. Nothing seemed to be where it used to be. He saw things he couldn’t recognise. He was confused so often now. There was so much he didn’t understand.

But he knew there was someone coming.

It had happened before he was sure of that. There was not much to be sure about anymore.

It bothered him as he lay there that so much now he couldn’t recall, there were so many blanks in his mind. He kept finding things in his house that were foreign to him and that frightened him. Was he in someone else’s house he wondered?

The other day he had gone off shopping and had stood in the shopping centre with no idea of where to go to get home. Thankfully a neighbour had seen him and helped him home. Now he was afraid to go out.

But later there was someone coming.

He remembered the phone call the night before. “We’ll be over about 8 in the morning.”

But he couldn’t place the voice only that it was reassuring.

As he lay there his mind running in circles he did remember his Ellie, what would she make of him now? She was a strong woman, she’d give him a shake and tell him to wake up to himself, snuggle up to him and tell him to not worry as she’d so often say to him: “We’ll sort it out in the morning.”

He missed her and often heard her voice in his head quietening his panic as he fought to remember something he knew he should know. Now was one of those moments.

He lay still; the night at four am was always a quiet time. The occasional car going by outside.

Maybe it was his mum and dad coming to visit. They hadn’t dropped by for a while.

He drifted off to sleep remembering the next day was going to be ok. With his mum and dad calling in, all would be well, he could cope with that.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/09/11/tale-weavers-prompt-25-the-night-before/

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27 Responses to Tale Weaver’s Prompt #25- The Night Before – Remembering

  1. Well done the sadness and confusion definitely was expressed.

  2. Grace says:

    Very sad and moving when one doesn’t have the memories to cope with the present, much less remember the past ~

  3. JackieP says:

    This is my nightmare, not remembering. It’s a scary place.

  4. RoSy says:

    So sad to hear that this happens to people.
    I just want to hug this person.

  5. I agree with Kim the sadness and confusion are powerfully expressed, this definitely tugs the heart strings

  6. I think I am already there, Yves is correct, you are an excellent and engaging writer.

  7. Lyn says:

    That was so well written, Michael. The emotion and confusion exquisitely portrayed.

  8. prajakta00 says:

    As someone who lost her grandpa some months back, I can’t begin to describe my feelings. Well done!

  9. Pat says:

    Poetic – sad – touching – moving – and yet written with such empathy, and compassion Michael. Truly a very profoundly expressing piece that has meaning, perhaps personally, but also for many,

  10. phylor says:

    My aunt died from the complications of Alzheimer’s, and my mother was descending deeper in to dementia when she died. You have portrayed the confusion, the feeling of being lost, unable to recognize the world around you, even in your own house.
    I was my mother’s care-giver, and I’d like to commend you on your sensitive and thoughtful handling.

    • Thank you phylor, it’s a sad state when such things happen, touch wood I am doing ok. It seems random in many ways, my dad lived to be 90 and was with it even the day he died. A mate of mine, a few years younger, died last year in his fifties, suffering early onset dementia and MS. Seems unfair to me.

      • phylor says:

        It is unfair! A friend was the care-giver for her grandmother and her aunt. The aunt was 53 or so when the dementia symptoms began to show up.
        Genetically its likely I will have dementia then Alzheimer’s. There is an expensive test which looks for the genetic markers of Alzheimer’s. If you have the maker, then you will develop at least dementia.
        If it didn’t cost so much, I’d have the test done. Medications mess up my cognitive abilities, and dementia would not necessarily be noticed. I was tested on cognitive stuff last year, and there were no signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

      • If such a thing was to happen one would hope the ones who love you would continue to do so and care for you.

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