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Solidarity (Fairy Tale) – The Bare Necessities.

Image: Anita Wilcox. Solidarity Forever. Wikimedia. Dragon was furious. He’d had enough. Not only had Badinoff gone too far this time but he had insulted the dignity of all the kingdom’s dragons. It was in so many ways a restraint … Continue reading

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Your Writing Fortune Teller (Tale Weaver’s Prompt) The Guild of Monilophytes

In your story include TWO of the following: A character will prepare for a religious ceremony, but the action is misinterpreted. *  A character becomes confused during the story. *  The story must have a villain at the end. *  … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”

Image: Lauren Treece You lived for the past Remember when you used to say We became the family who recalls. Your skulls you gathered around you Clung like a limpet to each of them. You imagined past glories Espoused feats … Continue reading

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