Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”


Image: Lauren Treece

You lived for the past

Remember when you used to say

We became the family who recalls.

Your skulls you gathered around you

Clung like a limpet to each of them.

You imagined past glories

Espoused feats of bravery and skill

All living happily in your head.

Reality is easy to deny

When laced with pain

The thought of not being whom you believed.

But you braved it daily

Spun one more tale

Deceit upon deceit

Until no one was sure what was up

And what was down.

You impressed all you set out to.

They in turn sung your praises

Feasted on skeleton words

The flashing hollow smile.

Saw no reason to look past your charade.

And all the while you

Bathed in adulation

No one saw you

Add skull upon skull

Never suspecting

They were your own kind.


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22 Responses to Photo Challenge #24 “Sleeping with Skulls”

  1. Oh wow Michael! One of your best!!!

  2. An interesting and quite haunting read Michael, I agree with Yves, I think this is one of your best.

  3. illsagorrey says:

    In some ways this reminds me of my uncle (RIP). After he had a bad stroke, he constantly compared himself to the way he had been in his youth. He never could measure up to the legend. It was sad to watch him beat up on himself for being unable to.

  4. LauraALord says:

    Stunning! This line in particular struck a cord with me – “We became the family who recalls.” Very well done.

  5. Gabriella says:

    An excellent offering, Michael!

  6. JackieP says:

    This was very good Michael. You are just a writing machine lately. I can hardly keep up! But you seem to be on a roll.

  7. Pat says:

    This is such an amazing piece Michael; the flow and, to my mind and ears, gentleness of the words, contrast with the power of the evocation of what is indeed being presented. There is an elegant grace and poise in this piece that is very strong – and haunting. Bravo!

  8. Tina J.S says:

    Love this one!

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