Your Writing Fortune Teller (Tale Weaver’s Prompt) The Guild of Monilophytes


In your story include TWO of the following:

  • A character will prepare for a religious ceremony, but the action is misinterpreted.
    *  A character becomes confused during the story.
    *  The story must have a villain at the end.
    *  The story must involve a crown in it.

Of all the things secret in my garden The Guild of Monilophytes* was the most secret. The fairy folk who inhabited my garden kept this rarely witnessed organization a secret from all humans and it was only by accident that I stumbled upon it. That I had developed a trust with them allowed me to witness what occurred.

I had long known they treasured their environment. It was evident from the care and concern they took over every fern that grew there and the religious significance each species had for them.

There were behaviours not seen before amongst them from the day I noticed one of the maidenhair ferns was dying. Plants like humans have a life span but amongst the fairy folk the death of any plant took on a grieving period for all inhabitants.

The maidenhairs in particular were prized plants as they were the most finicky of all ferns to grow. Often I would notice them moving the plants to different spots around the garden searching for the right spot in which it would flourish.

So with all the effort they put into growing them the death of one caused a grief I had not seen before.

When a death occurred the folk would gather as one to pay their respects to the plant and to comfort it as it died. Amongst the fairy folk the maidenhair was a symbol of power, as delicate as the plant was, it was felt the plant possessed magical qualities which extended into the running of their respective communities.

The death of a fern of this significance meant the end of the present King of the Fairies reign.

He would relinquish his crown and a new King would be elected.

The fairies were democratic and thoughts of a new King brought about a period of intense lobbying as more than one candidate emerged. In the fairy world anyone could be King, you gathered enough support and the votes would give you the crown.

Two candidates emerged. Dral of the Tree Fern Fairies and Clopsil of the Bird’s Nest Fairies. Dral was fiercely ambitious and believed the Tree Fern Fairies were superior in all things and in particular, breeding. Since they lived high above the other fairy communities they saw themselves as a more advanced species, many of the ground community fairy groups thought of them as up themselves well and truly.

Clopsil was a small and polite fairy, he was often seen helping others and was active in all community affairs.

By Election Day it was obvious to all that Clopsil had the most support and would be elected.

No one is sure what happened but at the end Election Day as the final votes were being counted Clopsil was found dead at the base of the tree fern. Dral claimed innocence and as he was the only surviving candidate he was given the crown much to the disgust of all the ground fairy communities.

It seemed suspicious to all that Dral who had tried so hard during the lead up to the election to discredit Clopsil by publishing stories that turned out to be nothing more than rumour and hearsay, who sent his own kind out among the ground communities to intimidate and scare people into voting for him, should at the last minute find the path cleared for him to become the new king.

The Guild of Monilophytes had been punctured by evil and the fairy folk were determined to see one such as Dral did not exploit their world. As the ground fairies confided in me, Dral just didn’t understand the power of the guild.

* The Guild of Monilophytes – Ferns

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5 Responses to Your Writing Fortune Teller (Tale Weaver’s Prompt) The Guild of Monilophytes

  1. Jen says:

    What a NEAT story this is! You’ve woven the fantasy elements and the realistic elements so well. I’ll never look at ferns the same way again – wondering when the King of the Fairies election will be held, and will there be foul play!

    Bravo, Michael — ! 😀

  2. I agree with Jen you have woven fantasy and realism perfectly. Your depictions of fairies always impresses me. Have you ever thought about writing a series of books about your fairies?

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