SoCS January 24/15 – Most/Least


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This week’s prompt is: “most/least.” 


It was a time of the most of things and the least of things.

At least that was how I was feeling when I saw this prompt. Over the past few days I have received criticism of many of my posts, I should point out valid criticism and of the sort I need to address.

Now I think like so many bloggers I am a bit precious about what I write. I like to think I am a creative person and that on occasion I can write something worthwhile.

The criticism I have to deal with stems from my ability to create as many errors in my work as humanly possible. Mostly I am talking grammatical errors. I am quite open about this. I never pretend that I don’t make errors for I know I do and my many ‘editors’ often point it out to me and I have to learn to deal with it much more effectively.

For me grammatical correctness is often an issue, as I know I often make up words as well as stretch the boundaries of grammatical correctness.

Now I do accept that when I write prose have to adhere to convention. As it is pointed out to me if I want people to read what I write I have to present it in a form that a moderately intelligent person may understand.

So in order to address such issues I am undertaking an edit of many of my posts. You may not notice as I wont make mention of the ones I have edited it is for me to work on my skills in that area.

But as you know why let a comma or apostrophe get in the way of a good yarn.

So having laboured your way this far I am sure, fingers crossed, that you have not found too many errors, but in case you feel disappointed that you have not I shall end with the most least of one’s.


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28 Responses to SoCS January 24/15 – Most/Least

  1. JackieP says:

    We all make mistakes Michael. No one is perfect. I am always finding mistakes in my own writing. So, you are not alone.

  2. Hi Morpethroad 🙂 I hear what you’re saying. That’s also my issue – grammatical errors. I know that sometimes I don’t really edit my work and I let my enthusiasm dictate what I’m writing. Have a great weekend!

  3. If you really want to get rid of the errors download Grammarly and you will be prompted to improve while eliminating them. It is free for all but MS Word and you can edit online.

  4. I have no idea when it comes to grammar, I just love to write!

  5. LindaGHill says:

    I thought my grammar was decent and then I took a grammar course. 🙄 I was amazed at how much they didn’t teach me in Grade 5. 😛 I’m thinking about taking a course once every couple of years now… grammar is hard!
    Hang in there, Michael. At least you don’t have to worry about it in your SoCS posts. 😀

  6. Hope Floats says:

    So long as the meaning and feeling of what you write is there, grammatical errors are just that. Practice and editing after-the-fact. We all make mistakes…I do and sometimes I am compelled to fix them and other times I don’t care to 🙂 Depends on the style of what you write as well…

    • Thank you Hope, I appreciate your supportive comment. Yes it does depend on style I agree. I also need to be more diligent in my writing but we learn something everyday is how I look at it.

  7. This is bothering me. Why do people feel the need to point out grammar errors in someone else’s writing. It is different if you are submitting your piece to an editor. That is their job, to point out errors. Although I read a lot of books these days that have word errors that are annoying and I think they must be using a computer editor. I like your writing and have not been tripped up by anything reading it. And I have gone back and looked at my posts and I do have to correct things sometimes. I say to these “helpful” critics that they are picayune, piddly, diddly and I have been wanting to use these synonyms for least.

    • Thank you Deborah, I sense you feel better having found a use for those synonyms at last? We are only human and sometimes the errors we want to avoid just happen as so often I don’t see them. But I am learning everyday.

  8. morgaine620 says:

    I am afraid my dear sir I will never be one of the grammatical police as commas are not really in my Stream of Consciousness. I behold the words of a German Songwriter called Reinhard Mey:

    “Und ich werde Anarchist,
    Der begreift, daß die Rechtschreibung
    Die Wissenschaft der Esel ist.
    Ein Freigeist, ein großer Denker,
    Ein Erfinder, ein Poet,
    Ein zukünft‘ger Weltenlenker
    Beugt sich nicht dem Alphabet!”


    I’ll become an anarchist
    who understands that grammar
    is a science for donkeys.
    A free spirit, a great thinker, an
    inventor, a poet, a future world leader
    does not bow to the alphabet!”

    🙂 *this is one of my famous evil grins*

    These words were taken from the song: “Der unendliche Tango der deutschen Rechtschreibung/Never ending tango of German Grammar”

  9. phylor says:

    I had to pass an English test (grammar, spelling, the usual suspects) so that I didn’t need to take English 101 (a non-credit course). Some how I passed. Later, when I marked/edited, I found grammar errors by the “sound” of the writing. Just as I had to be grammatically correct in my academic writing. Always needed a proof reader!
    I love creative thinking/writing — shut off my strict self-editor, make up words, only worry about how it sounds, or that I’ve expressed what I want to say. It’s so freeing after years of having to know/be “correct” that I can now be reckless!
    I hope you didn’t do too much editing. I like how you write. I think it’s just fine. And, that’s for the link to this. I read your submissions to mlm, but rarely stray.

    • Grammar has been a part of our lives ever since we learned to write. In fact not many know this but I used to love parsing. After 5th class in primary school we were no longer required to do it but for me it was akin to maths and I was pretty ordinary at maths.
      I think language is there to be played with and I don’t mean self indulgent writing where I am the only one who knows the meaning but words can be used in a myriad of ways and I love to do so. I agree its liberating and energising to be reckless at times. Wordles for example. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I greatly appreciate it.
      When I went to teachers college, way back in the last century, we had to do a spelling test. It took me two attempts to pass it….

      • phylor says:

        I spell phonetically. My mother did too. I had very bad eyesight but thought everyone saw the world as a blur. Spelling was taught on the blackboard. I couldn’t read a word of it!
        I don’t think I passed many spelling tests. 🙂

      • Well I can understand your issue then with spelling…..I taught a kid years ago who couldn’t spell and everyone thought he was as thick as a plank. He managed to get through High School and went to Uni about the time word processors became available. Today he has two PHd’s.

  10. Rebekah M says:

    English is my second language, which has made me somewhat obsessed with being grammatically correct. That’s a personal thing — I feel as if I’ve made a fool of myself, when I discover I’ve made a mistake.

    • My goodness but you have gone back a long way..I had to go and read that post again to remember what I was on about….
      As for mistakes, feel foolish if you keep repeating otherwise learn from them….English is a language of contradictions so don’t be too harsh on is too short…..

  11. Rebekah M says:

    So … English isn’t your first language either?

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