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Three Things Challenge #190

PATH HONESTY REMOTE In a remote village, odd in so many ways, one being a propensity for honesty among all locals. It was a compulsion within the villagers to always be honest and in particular when it came to cooking. … Continue reading

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Music Prompt #8: “Calm Before The Storm” by Sarah Ross #amwriting #musicchallenge #music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=RDZH80uXuaZoI&v=X9d5Zd3AMIk   She asked him the question: Why did you lie? Shrugging he doesn’t know why, Or does he? It’s about saving grace Deep inside alarm bells ring out He wants her to love him To see him as a … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge# 78, September 15, 2015 – The Dishonest Mirror

            Image: – Rebeca Cygnus I had a mirror once That lied and was dishonest. I asked it for the truth It said the truth was all it knew. I would claw at its surface My endeavours to climb inside … Continue reading

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Solidarity (Fairy Tale) – The Bare Necessities.

Image: Anita Wilcox. Solidarity Forever. Wikimedia. Dragon was furious. He’d had enough. Not only had Badinoff gone too far this time but he had insulted the dignity of all the kingdom’s dragons. It was in so many ways a restraint … Continue reading

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