Three Things Challenge #190



In a remote village, odd in so many ways, one being a propensity for honesty among all locals. It was a compulsion within the villagers to always be honest and in particular when it came to cooking. No one had too thick a skin to receive the honest criticism of their cooking. Except for Myra Curtis who took exception to criticism and had locked all access to her place by locking the path to her house.

This, of course, attracted a lot of honest criticism about her chosen action.

Myra found herself living more remotely than any of the locals as people avoided her at every opportunity.

All other paths were open, tended with care and those that were not up to scratch, marked accordingly, as one would expect.


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6 Responses to Three Things Challenge #190

  1. Quickest way to isolate…

  2. Poor Myra. She may have felt isolated then, but now she is just one of thousands. Thanks for joining in Michael.

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