Tale Weaver – #269 – Confinement – 2nd April. – Stuck at Home


It had been a week, and by now he was getting more bored by the day.

He noticed a path being worn into the carpet as he had paced each day in an attempt to exercise.

The virus was taking a huge toll on people, loss of jobs, being stuck at home as a measure to stop the spread of the infection.

He was supposed to log in each day to his work place, then under whatever pretence ‘work from home’ was what they called it.

Most of the time he fiddled on the computer, played games, wrote a few emails, read the newspapers, missed the sport he enjoyed and as time went by with little sign of any letup he knew he was growing more and more depressed.

Where was this going he asked himself? The news each day was growing in the bleak of reports of illness and death.

He was lucky he told himself, he didn’t have children nor a wife. The rates of domestic violence would grow, he knew as that had been expressed in the media frequently.

He liked the notion some sharp-witted person had written that if the virus continued as it was at present, a parent somewhere would discover a vaccine long before any scientist might.

Being confined had its advantages. He got to stay home, he didn’t have to engage with anyone in particular his neighbours and his relatives. His niece had rung to ask if he was ok. That was nice, and he appreciated the call, but he wished they might leave him alone.

The beauty of the internet was he could read the newspapers, watch the news programs on You Tube and keep up with all the depressing news from around the world.

Today there as a book he wanted to read, four more episodes of a mindless serial on Netflix and then the prospect of cooking a ‘Tangy Beef Curry’ for dinner, one which would last for at least three nights.

Looking out his window, he could see the lawn needed mowing, and that would get him outside, he suddenly felt excited by the prospect. Which was odd as he didn’t like mowing all that much.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/04/02/tale-weaver-269-confinement-2nd-april/


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2 Responses to Tale Weaver – #269 – Confinement – 2nd April. – Stuck at Home

  1. Sadje says:

    Very apt description of how people are feeling.

  2. Lyn says:

    My son in law tries to take the dog for a walk each afternoon. I tagged along behind him, the obligatory 1.5m distance between us. Our daily exercise is important. Those we pass nod or smile – or both – and sometimes bid us good afternoon. If nothing else, at least the dog gets his walk every day. 😀

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