Three Things Challenge, 25 July 2018


Today’s things are: snowman, family, caring

I’d been off school a few days, each day of which my mum checked on me to see if I was roadworthy enough to get myself to school. My mum had a unique caring manner and I’m sure each member of my family felt its brutal honesty from time to time. Truth be known we cramped her style by being home during term time.

As it was winter and there had been a few snowfalls it was also snowman time.

I walked into school expecting a snowman to be standing in the front yard but there was nothing. I took my seat as my teacher Miss Teresa dumped a pile of sheets on my desk and informing me I had to complete them all in order to catch up.

As she walked away she muttered, in her unique caring way: “That should keep him quiet for a while.”


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