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#MarquessaChallenge – “Hurt You” #fictionfriday #music #prompt

“God knows I never meant to hurt you…I never meant take it that far…” The girl sits on the edge of her bed Her mobile phone between her fingers She tosses it around in her hand There’s an urge to … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge – Week of 06-28-2016 – The Straws

Image: thanks to Louise at The Storytellers Abode There wasn’t a lot that could be said about the Straws. They were a farming family at the end of the lane down beside our place. Mr. Straw or Bales as he … Continue reading

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Photo prompt #writephoto – walking on air

The mist that blanketed the forest was perfect for the grey people who lived underneath. This was their time of day. Most days I never saw them. They lived camouflaged and safe. In my mind they were the shadows I … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – August 3rd, 2015 – Essence of Nightshade

Finish the story begins with:  “The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.” You better start spilling your guts Mr O’Grogean or it’s curtains for you. Still not talking? Let’s give you … Continue reading

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On most days not much happened in the space below the falls. But now it was spring there was movement but you had to look ever so closely to see it. Amongst the rocks that nature had strewn at the … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale April 10th 2015, “Ghost Hunting” – The Pink Fairies

When Ignatius McFairyman woke that morning he didn’t know the task he was about to be called upon to pursue what would involve a visit to Disneyland and his first encounter with a ghost like no other. Ignatius had fallen … Continue reading

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Wordle #52 March 16, 2015 – Charles

This week’s words: Scorch Analog Erasure Dyspathy (a natural, basic, or habitual repugnance; aversion) Segment Blockade Rattle Carbon Relay Charge Urn Fuse Charles Windsor licked his lips and rubbed his hands together in expectation of the disaster he was about … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169 – Agony

This week’s prompt: …so what time did you say it was?… I awake. My face is buried in long grass. My mouth feels like a gravel pit. My body doesn’t want to know what happened, or when. My mind thinks, … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#165 – Passports

This week’s prompt: ….the suitcase lay open….. Six a.m. Alarm. Today’s the day. Our big trip. Weeks of planning. Get up now, dress, breakfast, await the taxi. Our packing we finalised before bed. I hurry through my morning ritual, calling … Continue reading

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Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #57 – Dr Cutterstein

Image: Claude Beck’s early defibrillator Doctor Cutterstein looked down on the body lying on the slab in his laboratory. He had long wanted to try out his latest invention. His mechanical heart starter was ready. At last he thought the … Continue reading

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