Wordle #52 March 16, 2015 – Charles


This week’s words: Scorch Analog Erasure Dyspathy (a natural, basic, or habitual repugnance; aversion) Segment Blockade Rattle Carbon Relay Charge Urn Fuse

Charles Windsor licked his lips and rubbed his hands together in expectation of the disaster he was about to perpetrate on the hapless villagers.

Charles had a very dyspathetic attitude to people in general and as he fixed the last of the fuses to his charge his mind went to images of green fields with flocks of sheep grazing oblivious to the world and all the disasters that were placed upon it.

Charles often found his mind wandering to fields full of sheep and often wondered if in a previous life he had been a humble shepherd.

Charles was careful not to scorch himself as he lit the fuse and stood back to watch the fun.

It was not that he had anything against the village. It was to do though with the erasing of his analogue TV reception and forcing him to buy a new digital set. Charles wasn’t one for change. So he was making a stand and if blowing up the new digital signal tower was what was needed then so be it.

With the changes to occur next week he would put an end to those plans quick smart. If he allowed the planned changes to occur then he would miss the next segment of his favourite television program The Carbon Blockade Brigade.

He liked nothing more than to settle himself in front of his old tele, a fresh cup of tea with water boiled in his mum’s old copper urn and watch the antics of his favourite characters, Sandy, Randy, Candy and Mandy as they took turns in relaying the golden baton from one place to another despite the efforts of the Magic Rattle to prevent them succeeding in their quest to rid the world of bad things and make everything hunky dory which they seemed to achieve by the end of each segment of the show.

In fact Charles had a soft spot for the Magic Rattle. He thought the Rattle had lots of good ideas and often found himself cheering the Rattle on knowing full well that by the segments end it would be defeated as it was each week.

So far the Rattle hadn’t been erased, for the thought of such an erasure occurring brought tears to his eyes and a letter already penned voicing his dyspathy at the thought of such a thing happening. He’d also put in a post-script on his letter threatening a severe blowing up of the TV station should they deem the Rattle as having shaken one last time. Though he was reconsidering that idea, as he didn’t like the notion of getting in trouble.

Charles stood back and watched as the signal tower arched somewhat before collapsing to the ground in a shower of sparks. With a note that the ground was scorched and the road now blockaded, Charles turned to go home with a look of satisfaction on his face knowing his mum’s trusty urn would be bubbling away and that the next exciting segment of The Carbon Blockade Brigade would be just about to begin as he charged in his back door.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/wordle-52-march-16-2015/

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5 Responses to Wordle #52 March 16, 2015 – Charles

  1. Lyn says:

    LOL he didn’t like the notion of getting in trouble and of course just blowing up the signal tower is no big deal. What a great use of all the words, Michael, but then, you always manage to think up something so different. The Wordle Master will be proud of you 🙂

  2. lol that sounds like some show and Charles is a mighty dedicated viewer!

    • Yes exactly after all he is addicted to it, as you would be too I am sure when you realised Randy and Mandy both love Sandy who actually loves Candy who secretly lusts after Randy and knows about his red hot affair with Candy whom he sees each Tuesday after his work out with Sandy who fancies herself with Mandy and who is in fact stalking her.
      See what I mean?

  3. Bastet says:

    Oh my … I’m sure there were quite a few would be Charles’ here in Italy when the Nation went digital … I just gave up TV, which I rarely watched anyway … but there were quite a few elderly people who had to buy new teles and sometimes antennas to be able to watch their favourite programs … nicely written and closer to reality than one might think.

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