Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #57 – Dr Cutterstein


Image: Claude Beck’s early defibrillator

Doctor Cutterstein looked down on the body lying on the slab in his laboratory.

He had long wanted to try out his latest invention.

His mechanical heart starter was ready. At last he thought the years of research and experiment would pay off. Laughing manically and making sure the neighbours weren’t watching he switched on his machine. It whirred, crackled ticked and tocked.

He turned the dial to eight, not wanting to overdo it this first time then licked his lips before wiping his brow.

The paddles he placed on the body’s chest. Flicking the switch he stood back.

The body arched, the machine screamed.

There was a shower sparks , smoke oozed from places it probably shouldn’t have.

He noticed the eyes. They were open, the mouth was moving. In his head celebrations were occurring. Fireworks, the popping of champagne corks. Then he heard voices, awarding him prizes, he would be famous at last. He rubbed his hands in glee.

Then surprisingly the body spoke, ‘That was rather shocking you know.’

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3 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #57 – Dr Cutterstein

  1. Serious with humour, I liked. Pretty scary looking defib though, thank goodness technology has advanced!

  2. Well, I definitely laughed out loud. Great build-up to such a unique ending. I do think you should go further with this story and let us get to know this jovial “back-from-the-dead” character and see where this experiment leads.

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