Photo prompt #writephoto – walking on air


The mist that blanketed the forest was perfect for the grey people who lived underneath. This was their time of day.

Most days I never saw them. They lived camouflaged and safe.

In my mind they were the shadows I saw in the forest, the movements in the corners of my eye, the lurking dread I felt as we rounded a corner in the middle of the night.

They never did anything to quell that notion of their fearsomeness. Like they thrived on my fear.

I knew they possessed a loathsomeness; their grey skin and scraggly hair, their stench and bad breath were all factors I exploited in promoting their obnoxiousness.

I wondered how they felt being dwellers in the mist. As the mist came down they moved about. Did they see the hideousness in each other or did they see attractions and desires, did they look at their opposite and feel their bits tingle, did they enjoy the moments when their gruesome bodies came together and from that a small grey being emerged which they nurtured and loved?

Today the mist was doubly thick and I sat above the valley watching the mist caress the valley below. Through the mist I knew they were moving about, doing what they do, content their lives had meaning and purpose.

I knew that when the mist cleared they would be gone. But they were always there in the forest shadows, in the recesses along the creeks and always just out of sight of the corner of my eye.


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22 Responses to Photo prompt #writephoto – walking on air

  1. Lyn says:

    Great description, Michael. I can see them sliding and gliding along the ground making you feel all cold and clammy.

  2. wildchild47 says:

    they sound like a tamer version of the Dementors – well done in capturing that creepy, skin chilling feeling 🙂

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    A kind of fascinating and interesting people you describe, hiding in the fog, the mist, and darkness of the forest. And your thinking is very logical actually. If we find a people or other type of being unattractive, it is difficult to imagine that they would find each other attractive, but they would have to to have little grey ones, if you think logically and know the facts of life. Well written piece.

  4. Nice creepy read, Michael. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. I like the different levels in this one, the obvious creepiness of the idea and the judgemental stance of the narrator that leaves me wondering is this real, an allegory, or an illusion of a slightly sick mind.

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