Music Prompt #46: “What’s Left of the Flag” by Flogging Molly – Walk Away


My daddy said walk away son

He’d discovered my illicit love affair.

Said she’ll ruin you son

You’ll regret the day

You ever said I do to her.

Your mother God rest her soul.

Would be turning in her grave

To know you have sidled up to that


Drop to your knees boy

Grab your rosary beads

Lets pray for guidance

Lets beg for common sense.



I should have listened and walked away

But in those days I knew everything

There was nothing I didn’t know

From politics to women to cars.

So I said I do

Moved to the country

Had a bunch of kids

Thought this was the life

But soon learned otherwise

When the abuse became real

The expectations unreal

Day and night turned to drudgery

The traumas multiplied

The torment increased

I was worthless, as husband, lover and father.



I cringed when I should have walked away

Withdrew and hunkered into my shell.

My only outlet between midnight and dawn

When she snored, the house strangely quiet.

My rage lay unabated and dormant

A terrifying thought should it sneak out

And I became as was jailor was.

The shackles firmly tightened

There was nowhere to go.

Whatever step I took was like digging my grave

So I stayed the fool with the broken heart.



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3 Responses to Music Prompt #46: “What’s Left of the Flag” by Flogging Molly – Walk Away

  1. Lyn says:

    Some people would say this sort of thing doesn’t happen. But research has shown that 1/3 of all domestic violence cases is perpetrated AGAINST men (in all its forms – physical, sexual and emotional.)

  2. wildchild47 says:

    Well written piece here. And it’s an excellent exploration (even if painfully personal) of the relationship process gone sour.

    Have a wonderful weekend Michael 🙂

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