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Poetry Prompt 15 – The Meaning of Life – My Son

What’s all about daddy? Why am I here, I’m missing John’s party? Why does it hurt daddy when I breathe? Why am I plugged in, always in this bed?   He asks me these questions, Each day so it seems … Continue reading

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Prompt 52 Soul-scarring Regret – A New Beginning/Past Regret

In the darkness that followed I felt an overwhelming emptiness. Then as quickly as it was dark it was light A blinding over powering glow, radiating from…?   So bright as to be opposite to darkness No sense of where … Continue reading

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Wordle #4 – Going up?

As my soul winged its way upwards, at least I was hoping it was upwards, you lose all sense of direction when you are thinking you are in pursuit of salvation of any kind. I couldn’t help but reflect on … Continue reading

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Prompt 42 Tired Surrender

These weeks I can see the end You decline as each day passes First oxygen, Then the mask. The gradual filling of your lungs Breathing difficult Straining, rasping, My heart is torn seeing you like this. In desperation I ask … Continue reading

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Story 1 – Tackas – Part 5

The boys were sitting around at Paddy’s and were waiting for the phone call from the hospital. They knew it was coming and they knew it would mean they would all be on the move. There had not been a … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – Street of Ramps

The mist clouded the garden as the old man stepped into the black limousine. A hooded figure sat in the drivers seat. ‘I’m ready.’ The old man said as the car glided into the mist. It was a short ride … Continue reading

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Ligo Haibun Challenge – A Kiss and Goodbye

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough -Rabindranath Tagore   I sat and pondered whether or not there was an opportunity to engage with him one last time. The last days had been horrific, tubes, machines, … Continue reading

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I love you Dad

This week is the anniversary of my worst ever week. A year ago I spent this week with my father as he gasped his way to his death. Dad with Great Granddaughter Dakota each morning a long drive longer as … Continue reading

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I Found My Dad Today.

I Found My Dad Today I found my dad today Beyond the pain, the discomfort, the fear, the dependence, There he was. Despite all his afflictions, there is still, Strength, courage and humour. During his moments of distress he held … Continue reading

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