Prompt 52 Soul-scarring Regret – A New Beginning/Past Regret


In the darkness that followed

I felt an overwhelming emptiness.

Then as quickly as it was dark it was light

A blinding over powering glow, radiating from…?


So bright as to be opposite to darkness

No sense of where I was, I stood blinded.

Then I felt a hand slip into mine

A gentle tug as I was led, to…?


We pass through several rooms of blinding light

Each a different hue, red, green yellow

Now a blue room, in which I can see a couch

I am led to it, I sit, now…?


Apart from the seat I am on there is nothing

Then a figure appears, in white, robes flowing

A man of thirty I am guessing, he looks at me

I stare back, he does move just….?


Fear is not an emotion as I sit there, more intrigue

Where am I? What is happening?

The man continues to look then beckons me

I move towards him, he points at…..?


Before me is a window, beyond is a scene

People are gathered, I recognise my mother

My sister is there, tissue to her face,

Why are they there, what is the…?


My mind races they are somewhere and didn’t ask me?

And this place, this is not where I’d expect them to be

We were here last year for Grandad, why now?

A priest steps forward says my…?


My mother is grim faced and I know why

It dawns on me I have business unfinished

My mother and I argued, I stormed out

Smugly I grabbed the car keys marched ……?


It dawns on me I have left her wishing

She wanting I know we could do it all over

Those words ‘I hate you bitch!’ echo within me

I want to cry but somehow……….?


Behind me the man shuffles his feet

Knowing precisely what I am feeling

But letting it happen, remains silent

I turn and look at him but………?


The man, stares and smiles warmly at me

Takes my hand, leads me off again

I look back but all is gone now, just the glow of light

Where now I wonder, the truth now…..?



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17 Responses to Prompt 52 Soul-scarring Regret – A New Beginning/Past Regret

  1. Excellent work Michael

  2. So much to read in this Michael, the torment of speaking harsh words and the regret. Interesting format with the questions asked.

  3. JackieP says:

    Makes one think about parting words to people. Always make them good ones, for you just never know. Really well done Michael.

  4. Wow, powerful, great take on the prompt the ultimate time of regret, when there is no time or way to undo a single thing..brilliant work Michael! 🙂 🙂

  5. Well done, Michael…it was so painful to read,yet that`s because you wrote it so well.

  6. Bastet says:

    Liked how you left each last line hanging…and the story was so well done. That particular regret hounded me for a long time before I made peace with it…of course on this side of the veil.

  7. RoSy says:

    Deep & emotional.

  8. This is intriguing. Dreamlike in its description that could also be a nightmare. Creatively written.

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