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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85 – Crisp’s Birthday.

Crisp, my aged companion, stopped at the gatepost. “I had a birthday party once,” she said, “it was for my twelfth birthday, and my mother went to a lot of trouble to organise it. We lived out of town in … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #205 – The Birthday Party.

It was a dismal day for a birthday The rain came down, the plans were soggy All thoughts of outdoor fun were running down the drain. The games to play, the gifts to unwrap The cake mum had made so … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt June 4th – Story Elements

The words are: Glass, Darth Vader, napkin, cellphone, lighter, book, anger, trouble, mind The task is: I would like you to progressively, in the order that I wrote the words, create a story or a poem or whatever you feel … Continue reading

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Wordle #125 “October 17th, 2016” – Ronald Puke

This week’s words: Precise Uniform Delirious  Forge Denote Ration Pneumatic (Of or relating to air, gases, or wind. Operated by air or by the pressure or exhaustion of air: a pneumatic drill. Filled with or containing compressed air, as a tire.  Theology. … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday # 22: (Extra)Ordinary Days – Daughter’s Birthday

For this week’s prompt, think about a moment of your typical day (first person singular). This can be your morning routine, commute, day in the office, a walk in the afternoon, household chores, grocery shopping, gardening etc. Here’s the challenge: … Continue reading

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Hump Day Poetry – Week 8 – My Son

Today marks your 29th year of life. Who’d a thought all that time ago The scrawny underweight baby Would grow into be man you have become. Who’d a thought that day two months later When you were found black and … Continue reading

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Mondays Finish the Story – July 27th, 2015 – Pauly

Finish the story begins with:  “He thought he found the perfect hiding spot.” Pauly had celebrated his fourth birthday will his new bunyip* onesie. He loved it and could not be parted from it. Around lunchtime he disappeared. At least … Continue reading

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Poem 28

a birthday unlike all others no pressure no fear a celebration, of age of accomplishment, with friends, family. children who show their love constantly never failing to astound me their generosity their love overflows my heart I realise I am … Continue reading

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‘When I get older losing my hair Many years from now, Will you still be sending me A valentine, Birthday greeting       Bottle of wine.’  When I’m 64 – The Beatles 18/10/2013 A milestone when reached is an important part of … Continue reading

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Bozo /friday fiction

Bozo My party was going great until the clown arrived. Mum had decided to step away from her normal conservatism and hire a party clown. Bozo was just that. A Bozo. What a waste. He spied our old piano. He … Continue reading

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