Mondays Finish the Story – July 27th, 2015 – Pauly


Finish the story begins with:  “He thought he found the perfect hiding spot.”

Pauly had celebrated his fourth birthday will his new bunyip* onesie. He loved it and could not be parted from it.

Around lunchtime he disappeared. At least he thought so.

We decided to play along and a search was organised, the arrangements to scour the house for a boy bunyip announced loud and clear.

We gathered near to the hiding boy stifling giggles as we all reported he was nowhere to be found.

‘Oh where could he be,’ mum announced looking down at his protruding feet.

Everything came to an abrupt head when dad declared he was taking the garbage out and gathered up the hidden Pauly declaring he wanted to get rid of the old lamp cover, as it was an eyesore.

Pauly suddenly made his presence felt and dad feigning surprise upended him onto the floor. Mum gathered up her little bunyip and proceeded to scold him about disappearing. The rest of us looked on smiling as Pauly looked as guilty as a four year old could.

* A bunyip is mythical Australian creature said to inhabit waterways, creeks and swamps.

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28 Responses to Mondays Finish the Story – July 27th, 2015 – Pauly

  1. Valida Faire says:

    Great story–thanks for the new word!

  2. Lyn says:

    LOL that is so like a four year old. Wonderful take on the prompt, Michael. I love that his parents and other family members joined in. It’s always so much more fun for everyone that way.

  3. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    that’s the funniest bunyip story I’ve heard – the first may be but still funny. Thank you for brightening an overcast windy day in the UK

  4. phylor says:

    Nice story. I’ve played the game with children and cats. Your story pulls both experiences together.

  5. babso2you says:

    Loved the way the game was played Michael, and I learned a new word today. Well done! I hope you are all settled back after your trip. Be well my friend… ^..^

  6. Great story and I love the word bunnyip.

  7. mandy says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful game I loved playing with my children, Michael. I liked to drag it out so long my little *bunyip gave himself up with his own suppressed laughter and glee. Also, since I hope to one day visit the land down under, I’m very glad you clarified that a bunyip is a mythical creature! Great fun reading this post 🙂

    • Thanks Mandy the things that might harm you you’ll probably never see it’s the ones you do see like buses and cars and the locals who pose the greater danger.

      • mandy says:

        Very good point. Funny how we worry more about what we can’t see. I never thought about that before. Course, I’m afraid of a lot of those things I CAN see, too. Dodging cars when I’m out on walks being one!

      • It’s the same the world over….

  8. I loved finding out about the bunyips and finding the bunyip! Great story!

  9. I really loved this story Michael! Very cute!

  10. afairymind says:

    A very sweet story, Michael! I think I’ve played that game with quite a few children now. 🙂

  11. Francesca Smith says:

    That is always a funny game to play, and I have now learnt a new word/ mythology. One more thing to go into the memory bank.
    Lovely story!

  12. Good story. It sounds like a game a four-year-old would love. Thanks for the definition of “bunyip,” Michael. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

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