‘When I get older losing my hair

Many years from now,

Will you still be sending me

A valentine,

Birthday greeting      

Bottle of wine.’  When I’m 64 – The Beatles



A milestone when reached is an important part of ones life.

Age and employment status being two.

And two that are pertinent to me today.

I roll over into a new decade of my life today.

I end my career as a teacher and begin a new one as a casual or substitute teacher, depending where in the world you live.

Since my father died a year ago, I have purchased our family home, a house once owned by my great grandparents.

My house is old and has been in my family for close to 100 years.

In my lifetime I have been a parent, a teacher, a writer, a performer.

I enjoy the writing process

I enjoy the thrill of creation.

I have written three musicals and a play, along with numerous performance pieces, taught a myriad of very talented students whom I will miss a lot.

I am father to six amazing children.

I never cease to be in awe of their respective achievements.

Each is an individual; four etched out lives as parents and two are astounding as human beings, successful in their chosen professions and still find time to love me.

They are tied to each other through birth and through an extraordinary love and commitment to one another.

They have in turn produced six grandchildren.

Today is a day to express gratitude,

I have had some experience of that of late.

Changes are about to happen for me

I will have choices like never before.

When you are a parent and your kids are little

Your choices are limited.

I had kids; I didn’t do much else other than that.

So the opportunity to travel is tempting.

Jump out of my comfort zone,

Be adventurous


Step into the unknown.

These are the goals I am setting myself.

To all the wonderful friends I have made in WP

Thank you for your support,

Encouragement and tolerance.

Sometimes I don’t take things as seriously as I might

Sometimes I am quietly scathing in my attitude

Sometimes I strive with all my might

To produce work I feel is

Comparable with others.

Many of you are such wonderful writers.

I am very grateful for the acceptance you show towards me

I have always been made to feel welcome in the WP community and I thank you, all of you for that.

To those I have befriended and with whom I email

And on occasion telephone chat

Your friendship is gold to me.

To you to whom I have personally expressed my gratitude

You are

Accepting of me and ever so tolerant

Never do you give me anything other than encouragement and support

Judicious in thought and action

Always every word wrapped with love and compassion.

So far my time in WP has been wonderful and I hope to continue in this way, participating in some of the challenges, exploring my own writing and of late even trying to express myself in a visual form, which I am sure and hope to hell, improves.

Writing is a wonderful occupation, or in my case hobby. I’d like to continue to engage in the intellectual activity that WP affords me.

And yes today is my birthday…no I am not 64…… are welcome to shower me with cards and letters!!!!!


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22 Responses to Milestones

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And congratulations on such a significant milestone in such a full, rich life you have lived! How wonderfully you describe it – words soaked in gratitude and love for your family and your opportunities…such a pleasure to read this this morning. have the most fabulous day possible my friend!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Gabriella says:

    Happy birthday Michael! Enjoy the years ahead to the fullest.
    I did not realise you had so many children.

  3. PookyH says:

    Happy birthday!

    It’s wonderful learning so much about you from one post,. I can’t get over the idea of six children, I have two three year olds and simply can’t imagine managing any more than that…

    It’s wonderful that you’ve made some fantastic friends here. Similarly I have made some lifelong friends online. The thing I find strangest is when you meet online friends face to face. Each time I expect it to feel strange. Each time it feels completely natural.

    • Thank you Pooky.
      I expect to meet a few in the future.

      • PookyH says:

        I look forward to it! I’m following now and am intrigued by the wide range of different topics and styles of your posts so I can see myself becoming a regular visitor. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. x

      • Thanks for doing so, for reasons often unknown to me i do attract attention from time to time……though the pieces I think are really good hardly anyone looks at …..the rubbish is very popular…lol
        If you follow Cubby you will have seen mindlovesmisery, now she writes amazing stuff.

      • PookyH says:

        It’s funny you say that. I often find that the poems I’m most pleased with just pass by whilst those that I’m less pleased with or write most hurriedly seem to resonate more with people!

        I’m not sure if I’ve seen MindLovesMisery (I’m bad with names) but I shall check. Thank you.

  4. cough cough – voice ready…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUU
    ok that’s the 3rd rendition today – don’t want to spoil you too much, so I shall stop now.
    Ypu have emoted your feelings well about your past life, your current and your future – onward and forever upward my friend- here’s to wonderful days ahead 🙂 x

  5. Sun says:

    Happy blessed birthday and more to follow! Your legacy on living a good life comes shining through your six children’s lives. Because you taught them with fine examples, as adults they continue your teachings. Wonderful – abundant blessings to you. ☺

  6. gimpet says:

    I still haven’t learned my hew music program, so I am singing Happy Birthday to you in my head. Does your new decade status have privileges in Australia or are you also subject to waiting until 65 like Americans? I hope you have a fabulous weekend with the planners of your party, and that you aren’t too overcome by all the attention. Where will you put them all? I imagine having the crew and grandbabies all at once is quite a feat on your end. Let me know how the party went if you have time! This was a lovely synopsis of a life well spent and so many more opportunities opening up! I envy your freedom…….and cant wait to read about all the fun you are going to have planning for an adventurous future!

  7. Anja says:

    🙂 Happy birthday……this was lovely and it made me smile…especially certain parts. 🙂 I have already said what I wanted to you earlier…..more to come and hopefully will arrive before long.
    Big changes for you and new adventures wait….

  8. RoSy says:

    Lots to be thankful for here.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Michael!
    Wishes to you for continued blessing & happy times on your special day & always…

  9. Otrazhenie says:

    Awesome milestones, Michael. Loved your post. One of my boys is called Michael. I wish his life will be as rich as yours. Enjoy the new stage in your life journey. All the best. 🙂

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