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Prompt #73 “6 Words”

1 I came, she went, you called. 2 Tooth ache, knee pain, old age. 3 Six silver thistles broke fetid wind. 4 I want you in my bed. 5 Run away quickly, up the tree. 6 The future smiled past … Continue reading

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Fairytale Prompt #26 – The Fairy Queen

This week’s prompt is ‘Lilac Wine’ by The Cinematic Orchestra. In the centre of my garden lives the Fairy Queen. She is the most serene and beautiful of all fairies. No matter the time of year or climate conditions she … Continue reading

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D’verse – On Nonsense, Narrative and Neologisms – or The Noble Art of Telling Tall Tales

I have a cactus in my garden It’s phallic to say the least As if possessing The power of an aphrodisiac, Though none have tried it out. It’s called the penis cactus (Causes every one to smile) You can clearly … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #26 – Responses

The fact that I was a captive didn’t dawn on me until two days after it actually happened. I was too sick to think much beyond my immediate urge to throw up at every opportunity. When an hour passed where … Continue reading

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Poetics – Travel Poetry – The Late Traveller

I am travelling late It is been a choice Children kept me at home. Now they are grown I’m planning a few journeys. For many years my only trip across the sea Was one side of the harbour to the … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #26 “Silver”

Image: Cesar Santos It’s the morning after the night before I feel wretched Used Abused Discarded. You were such a well-mannered boy Saying all the right words Doing all that was expected Chivalrous Gallant What happened my love? I awake … Continue reading

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Wordle #26 – Uncle Harry

This weeks words to work with were: Vantage Insipid (without distinctive, interesting qualities) Collar Spit Captivity Adrenalin Predicate (to proclaim, assert) Shield Colossus Scratch Mercury Evaporate My Uncle Harry was on the outside most insipid of men. In many ways … Continue reading

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Poem 131 – Lady with Three Legs

Miss R lived three doors down Walked by every day Spritely was the word we used. As she aged She slowed down Until one day she stepped out Stopped by our fence Held onto the post Breathing heavily Looked momentarily … Continue reading

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Prompt #72 “Sister Awake” – Hush!

Hush! Hush! Shhhh! Hush! They might hear you. You don’t want them to know you are here. You might be lucky and not see them today. But if not…then….then…..beware the puppet master! Hush! If they catch you they do things … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Peanut

Today’s prompt is the word : funny. Funny how things happen. Yesterday my daughter arrived at my house with her two small boys in toe. Jack the eldest came through my back door and I was puzzled as to who … Continue reading

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