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#Maydays Prompt – Man’s Best Friend

Today’s #maydays prompt who can resist an animal lover. **   Frank was the cutest dog. A little brown fluff ball loving and devoted to us. My wife was more the dog person than me but Frank won both our … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #126 “Collage 7″ Rain for Sunshine

It all exploded in my face The delicate balancing act I couldn’t maintain For discovery was hiding Just around the corner. No matter how I stepped It was a time factor. Fear plagued me What if’s flooded every thought I … Continue reading

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Poetics – Travel Poetry – The Late Traveller

I am travelling late It is been a choice Children kept me at home. Now they are grown I’m planning a few journeys. For many years my only trip across the sea Was one side of the harbour to the … Continue reading

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The Trek

  The Trek When the sun was at its highest point in the sky and the ground began to bake beneath their feet it became paramount for the boy and the girl to seek shelter as soon as they could. … Continue reading

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