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Poem 94

It’s hot up here Humidity is wet Sticky, clinging Uncomfortable. I want a cool clime Where I can snuggle up Inside a rug With a warm drink My bestest of friends Together as one. And smile knowing Back home they … Continue reading

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Sunday Photo Fiction – The Troll

‘Do you think we could picnic here, below this bridge?’ ‘Looks good to me, though the idea of stopping near a bridge as old as this one takes me back to the stories of my childhood about trolls who would … Continue reading

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Poem 93 – Memories and Mementos

I left for work You were your happy self I called during the day You said you loved me.   I came home, you were crying A box of tissues at the ready Soggy ones at your feet. Your dad … Continue reading

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Prompt 40 Sheer Wonder – Raining Fish

A day like so many We had played in the playground The usual games, football and handball, The bell rings, its line up for class. In neat rows, we stand, shoulder to shoulder Teachers checks if the milk has been … Continue reading

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D’verse – Poetics – On the Other Hand

I think my work has great merit. I’m sorry sir your writing is lacking in depth. I capture the raw essence of my subject, We are confused by your artistic intention. I will be published in the next two years … Continue reading

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Australia Day

Today 26th January, Is marked as our national day. In 1788 the first fleet arrived. Boatloads of England’s most undesirable Send never to return, Good riddance they said, and were forgotten. Never did they imagine From such humble beginnings This … Continue reading

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Poem 92

disbelief that you really did love me I thought it was all a game your words so often empty but now I wonder at your indifference to me did you mean to lead me on? convince me you were in … Continue reading

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