Poem 92


disbelief that you really did love me

I thought it was all a game

your words so often empty

but now I wonder at your indifference to me

did you mean to lead me on?

convince me you were in love with another

when secretly it was me you lusted for.

what do I do with this knowledge now,



I am puzzled beyond belief

am I in or am I out?

I am in!

my heart rejoices

it skips in anticipation

that soon we will be as one.

I plan moonlit dinners,

evenings swimming naked

among dolphins

freeing us from the constraints

and those within this puritanical society.

just think my love

you have set my soul on fire

how I shall sing your praises

standing on roof tops

my call will echo though the

streets and into the consciousness

of all who ever doubted……

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21 Responses to Poem 92

  1. Stunning Michael very inspired writing this!

  2. Bastet says:

    Such lovely prospectives cannot do other than make a hear sing…really lovely Michael!

  3. Lovely poem…..I love the word picture~ 🙂

  4. Jubilation! That’s what this poem sings. Very nice.

  5. gimpet says:

    It makes my heart ache…..

  6. swimming naked with dolphins ~ how amazing that would be 😉 loved your last 4 lines too Michael.

  7. RoSy says:

    So wonderful to be in…in love 🙂

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