Prompt 40 Sheer Wonder – Raining Fish


A day like so many

We had played in the playground

The usual games, football and handball,

The bell rings, its line up for class.

In neat rows, we stand, shoulder to shoulder

Teachers checks if the milk has been drunk,

We are restless as its warm today

Then the unexpected occurs.

We are rained down on by fish,

The playground around our feet

Is soon scattered with these creatures

We thought lived in the sea.

Everyone is silent, what is happening,

In wonder we watch as more and more

Fall down upon us, landing on random heads

Teachers as astounded as us.

It is over as quickly as it began,

We are shuntered off to class,

The incident never spoken about

But always remembered.

I have never forgotten that one afternoon

Where it rained fish,

Small colourful creatures

Dead by the time they came to earth.

My tale has been doubted so often

But doubt all you like

I was there that day

Sheer wonder was what I saw.

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30 Responses to Prompt 40 Sheer Wonder – Raining Fish

  1. How magical that would be ~ only regret they were dead by the time they hit the earth 😦 A fantasy (sorry – I was doubting you) that would have been a spectacle to witness 🙂

  2. I believe you Michael though I haven’t experienced it I have heard of it happening. I wish I could remember the speculated whys but I can’t. Though I feel sorry for fish that would be a moment like no other, a moment of shear wonder indeed

  3. Cool – is this a true story? I’ve heard of things like this – wold be amazing to actually witness it! 🙂

  4. Anja says:

    How on earth did it rain fish???? I am not sure I would enjoy it or be terrified. lol

    • Well I was in primary school at the time and it was just an amazing event. I think we were all struck dumb by it at the time.

      • Anja says:

        But how in the world did it occur??

      • As I understand it, there are freakish conditions where for what ever reason small fish are sucked into the atmosphere like as in evaporation, and carried in clouds until at some point they fall out and land on the earth, on this day on our playground as we were lined up to go to class. Most people doubt this can happen but if you look in wikipedia you’ll find cases reported from history, sadly mine does not appear there, but trust me it happened. I’m talking about small goldfish size fish, not great white sharks!!!

  5. What an amazing story to share, Michael!! I hope you shared with your children and will share with your grandchildren. I am fascinated by this lovely tale…wow! I love this and your poem reads so well, so light and builds up to the moments of wonder. Blessings, Oliana

  6. Well done. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it. I guess we wouldn’t speak about it either, Fun story/prose.

  7. RoSy says:

    Hmm…Something a bit fishy about this story… 😉

  8. Lyn says:

    I believe it. I’ve never seen it happen myself, but I know those who have. At least they were little goldfish-sized as you say and not the size of sharks as in the movie “Sharknado” that movie would probably be a “B-grade” movie, but from the previews I saw, I’d say it was a “Z-grade”
    I remember the days when we had to line up for our little bottles of milk at recess. I hated milk and had to have a note from my mother to say I didn’t have to drink it. You’ve brought back some interesting school days memories, Michael 😀

    • We obviously went to school at around the same time. Best time for the milk was when it first arrived in the morning covered in ice. By lunch it left a lot to be desired and no one ever thought to bring it in out of the summer heat. I think you are right that movie you mentioned is down there on the bottom of the ocean where it no doubt belongs, though the occasional b-grade movie was. Good laugh. Thanks Lyn for that great comment. Have a good evening.

  9. My dad had it happen when he was a young man. and he was not given to fantasy or fancy or deception. There are a lot of things happen that one wouldn’t believe. we are limited by our world view and discount anything from outside it. in fear mostly. but also because of the makeup of our brains. children see more because they haven’t put things into such neat boxes. emperor’s clothes!

    • Thanks Belinda, I’m happy to hear of another person who has had the same experience. Thanks so much for your excellent comment, we didn’t make this story up. Please call again.

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