Poem 93 – Memories and Mementos

Dad's Hats

I left for work

You were your happy self

I called during the day

You said you loved me.


I came home, you were crying

A box of tissues at the ready

Soggy ones at your feet.

Your dad you said.


He was in the garden

Tending his roses

Just keeled over

Nothing could be done.

Dad's rose

Parents age, we can’t stop that

We can stay with them

Keep them safe, care for them

Juggle our time and theirs.


They are fonts of knowledge

Stories abounding, feats achieved

Wisdom to hang on

Love unbounded.


We remember them always

We venerate their memory

We record their tales for others

We rejoice in having them as parents.


They have shaped us

We are proud of them

As people, as humans who cared

For us and their world.


But dust to dust, ashes to ashes

We lay them to rest,

We look into the gulf they left

Memory, laughter, love.


We have come from burying my dad,

We celebrated his life

We sang his songs, told his stories

Content in his send off.


We create our own memorial

Photos, medals, icons

His hats hang beside the back window

His overalls always behind the toilet door.


Small things you expect to see

At Grandad’s house.

It’s what made his place what it was

We know he is still here.


Leave them there dad

Retain our memory of his place

Its what made him unique.

So they do hang there,

His hat, his caps

His overalls

His belt on a belt.

As he left them.

 Dad's overalls

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11 Responses to Poem 93 – Memories and Mementos

  1. gimpet says:

    A teary post for me, M. A lovely tribute to your dad. A reminder to keep that which reminds us most of those we love.

  2. This is warm an touching. We always want to keep a part of our love ones alive in us some how.

  3. RoSy says:

    So very touching.

  4. Aw such a sweet tribute. I’m so sorry…..It is hard to let parents go. I am so blessed to still have both of mine. But we lost my father-in-law not long ago. It was difficult to watch my hubby go through so much pain. Your kids were fortunate to have their granddad as long as they did….Blessings and {hugs}

  5. Tears, thoughts, sighs, this is what you brought with this. Thank you – it is beautiful Michael. Grief is a roller coaster – striking at any time – we can only remember and know how much they loved us and how much we loved them in return. (hugs)

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