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FOWC with Fandango — Traffic

Bumper to bumper, row upon row, The woman in front on her phone Not watching, not concentrating, As we progress, she’s somewhere off with the fairies. Around me, there is a sense of resignation As inch by inch we move, … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of April 25, 2017 – Out to Lunch

Image: Dawn Miller “It’s always the same isn’t it when we go out,” she said. “What’s always the same?” he replied sipping his coffee. “The way you order. It’s always the large size for you and small for me.” “It … Continue reading

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Moral Mondays: “Harsh Words Stir Up Anger”

It was always the Tupperware cupboard, a walk in cupboard floor to ceiling with plastic of every description. Always it was untidy, easier to throw in when not being used. His job was to tidy it. No amount of hours … Continue reading

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Wordle # 38 – December 8, 2014 – A Casual Affair

It was a casual affair. Not great as far as affairs go but one which kept him interested. The down side was his wife, a strong willed woman capable of breaking a bats wing with a swipe of her nose. … Continue reading

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MeetingTheBar ~ When words fail – Rising Frustration.

How many times was it? I explain. I set out reasons. You say, ‘What? What exactly do you mean?’ I’m sometimes stuck. What seems obvious you don’t understand You want a minute analysis Words chosen with care So you are … Continue reading

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Prompt 56 “Indescribable Frustration” – The Final Year

Sit I say We meet again You understand why you are here ‘Yes,’ you say ‘My work?’ Yes or rather your lack of any. You are not achieving, getting nowhere For a boy of your intelligence I cannot understand your … Continue reading

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