FFfAW Challenge-Week of April 25, 2017 – Out to Lunch


Image: Dawn Miller

“It’s always the same isn’t it when we go out,” she said.

“What’s always the same?” he replied sipping his coffee.

“The way you order. It’s always the large size for you and small for me.”

“It isn’t. You are exaggerating.”

“No, I’m not, it’s true. We go for coffee and look, you order a large for yourself and small for me.”

“But you always say you don’t want too much. So, I’m looking out for you.”

“Well, I’m just saying you do this without ever asking me if I feel like a larger size or not.”

“Well in future I’ll ask then.”

“It’s manners don’t you think?”

“Are you saying I’m impolite?”

“Sometimes you just don’t think.”

“That’s insulting, I do think and I think about you all the time.”

“Well that’s the issue, isn’t it. You think about me but never ask me.”

“Oh, for goodness sake, lunch is here now eat up, I ordered you the chopped liver.”



Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/fffaw-challenge-week-of-april-25-2017/

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19 Responses to FFfAW Challenge-Week of April 25, 2017 – Out to Lunch

  1. Lyn says:

    That would make a great comedy sketch on TV. He’d be wearing the liver if he ordered it for me 😀

  2. Yikes! I would not like that at all! I hope she is able to order some dessert for herself after that meal.

  3. Joyfrida says:

    hahahahahaha hilarious! If I had a dollar… Really enjoyed this story!

  4. Hahahaha! I was really thinking this lady was rude until the next to the last line! I think I would take that chopped liver and decorate his head with it. Hahaha! Great story, Michael!

  5. MC Clark says:

    Funny! 😁 I thought she was perhaps overreacting…until the end.

  6. swritings says:

    Haha! Really enjoyed reading this! 🙂

  7. Chopped liver! You’d be dumped with a capital D! Lol

  8. athling2001 says:

    LOL! Definitely felt the emotions of both characters.

  9. You’ve portrayed them both well.

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