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Tale Weaver – #216 – Fairy Tale – The Evil/Dark side – Prince Eyesore.

Image: Pixabay Prince Eyesore was destined from birth to embrace the dark side of the fairy kingdom. Above his crib, and above the doorway into his nursery hung the sign: “Bad is Us”. It was the fate of the Prince’s … Continue reading

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What do you See? March 5, 2019 – The Key

It was a key unlike others she had seen It glowed in her hand Sparkled in her fingers. Could it be what unlocked her heart? She had found it difficult to Entertain thoughts of love. The knight Anton had asked … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale # 138 – 21/9/17 – Reluctant Princess

Image: Google Images Labelled for re-use. Myrtle Turtle-Dove was a princess of the realm and not a happy one. She considered herself a Princess and let’s face it, it wasn’t her fault having been born into it. She hated all … Continue reading

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Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Princess Marm

Image: The Princess picking lice from the Troll: Theodor Kittelsen It’s not easy being a troll. We get a bad wrap most of the time, well all of the time if truth be told. If you take away the ugly … Continue reading

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Fairytale Prompt #27 – The Blue Princess

This week we are asked to used the below quote to inspire our Fairy-tale You’ll meet her, she’s very pretty, even though sometimes she’s sad for many days at a time. You’ll see, when she smiles, you’ll love her. ~Pan’s … Continue reading

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Fairytale #22 – Life as an Oracle

Its not easy being an Oracle. Its all about patience, perseverance, persistency and luck. You don’t become an Oracle you are born an Oracle. From the time dot you are destined to a life of question. My mother was a … Continue reading

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Fairytale Prompt #4 – The Princess’ Head

Over dinner you were unusually quiet Puzzled I ask, ‘What is it my love? What bothers you this night?’   Your eyes narrow, I’ve seen that look before The evil you manifest seeping through. ‘The princess has grown up.’   … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Challenge #1 – The Purple Princess

Purple princess stands up tall Looks for her knight the valiant Sir Jasper She knows he is out there She knows as he told her he would return.   For so long, she lived in loneliness Unloved, uncared for, accepting … Continue reading

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