Fairy Tale Challenge #1 – The Purple Princess


Purple princess stands up tall

Looks for her knight the valiant Sir Jasper

She knows he is out there

She knows as he told her he would return.


For so long, she lived in loneliness

Unloved, uncared for, accepting of her lot

But her Prince has given her a shred of hope

She clings to it, believing he’ll be back.


They met by chance, accidental it seemed

She stumbled in front of him

He reached down to lift her out the mud,

They spoke for hours, eyes locked.


She tends her farm now, crops and livestock

She dreams of Sir Jasper away on his conquests

Wonders as she cooks if he thinks of her,

Considers it unlikely he would come back for her.


In the heat of battle the knight is wounded

Blood flows, his heart thuds, mortality looms

He fights this wounds, he struggles back

He has one last prize, he yearns for, he craves.


The mist is lifting, a lone figure appears

Slumped in his saddle, resilient to the end

She looks up from her labours, her heart skips

Runs, her love has returned to her arms.

Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/fairytalechallenge1/

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14 Responses to Fairy Tale Challenge #1 – The Purple Princess

  1. JackieP says:

    Like all fairy tales, there is a happy ending. Well, if he didn’t die once he got there. No, no, I’m sure he lived and they had a dozen kids and they lived happily ever after on the farm.

  2. Gorgeous Michael romantic and filled with longing!

  3. Fairy tales, the romance, the fantasy, I am glad he returned, to once more her knight in shining armour. 🙂

  4. Anja says:

    awwww this is very pretty and I was surprised by the purple.

  5. RoSy says:

    What a lovely tale! 🙂

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