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Monday Wordle #45 – January 26, 2015 – She

This week’s words: Force Body Astral Stupor Drizzle Jaw Pride Chord Blinding Reckless Prevaricate (to speak falsely, to give the wrong impression) Fixture   It was all true, I had been blindingly oblivious the whole time. She was after me. … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt # 91 – Alone Time – January 25, 2015 – A Life Alone

I’ve never found being alone an issue: My constant companion. For me alone is normal, I am the second child of four I am different, Connecting doesn’t come easy. Even in marriage surrounded by children Loneliness was an issue. You … Continue reading

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Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #56

Image: Lewis Sayer’s scoliosis treatment Doris your back is a question mark. Mum! Don’t say that in front of the doctor. Well it is and that’s why we are here to get you treated, can’t have you going through life … Continue reading

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Your Writing Fortune Teller (Tale Weaver’s Prompt) The Guild of Monilophytes

In your story include TWO of the following: A character will prepare for a religious ceremony, but the action is misinterpreted. *  A character becomes confused during the story. *  The story must have a villain at the end. *  … Continue reading

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SoCS January 24/15 – Most/Least

Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions This week’s prompt is: “most/least.”    It was a time of the most of things and the least of things. At least that was how I was feeling when I saw this prompt. Over … Continue reading

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Challenge 2015 Week 4: 22 January – African Safari

Image: Close by Tom Svensson When Carstairs suggested a safari in Africa it sounded a bonzer idea. Though I should have known better for Carstairs wasn’t much of a planner. Things went wrong three nights into the safari. We camped … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt: Create A Monster – My Monster

Play scary monsters, scary monsters I heard my students chorus. They all line up I issue the challenge Frighten me, come do your worst. Contortions, screams, twisted faces Some crawl while attempting to growl Some rush straight at me Eyes … Continue reading

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JusJoJan Day 21-30 Prompt – Sex

Linda’s Prompt: Sex We were sitting in the local watering hole one day doing what we do well there. Lounging on the bar, believing that we were important for no other reason than our presence held the bar up. Often … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#164 – The Temple.

This week’s prompt: …and then I smiled…   The temple was on top of a mountain and there were only ten thousand steps to climb. A voice inside said to me, “How hard could it be, they are only steps.” … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – January 20th 2015 – Mr Franklin

Image: Ben Franklin by Jules Paige I have travelled half a world to stand here. Left behind my steamy summer for this freezing winter. But rugged up against the cold I have longed for this day to look up at … Continue reading

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