Monday Wordle #45 – January 26, 2015 – She


This week’s words: Force Body Astral Stupor Drizzle Jaw Pride Chord Blinding Reckless Prevaricate (to speak falsely, to give the wrong impression) Fixture


It was all true, I had been blindingly oblivious the whole time.

She was after me. It was a terrifying thought for no other reason than she was, I was sure, from some astral plain far beyond any realm of experience that had ever come my way.

I knew I was punching above my weight. She had a sultry sexual voice and when she had me alone in the small back room with the gold inlay fixtures, the look in her eye spoke of unbridled lust. I knew any prevarication on my part would not end well.

Her voice, froze all matter in the seconds it flowed from her lips. Those luscious lips were supported by a jaw line that left you in a stupor of epic proportions. You knew then and there that the gormless look on your own face was something that if you didn’t wake up and push your own jaw back into place there was every chance it was going to end with something rather sticky falling to the floor.

I gulped, the gulp of one who knew he was about to face a force far greater than himself.

Outside the skies were still drizzling, as if the universe was in sorrow for the predicament I was in.

Within seconds she had me on the bed, her body straddling mine and every bit of her was working towards one desired goal, her own lustful satisfaction. In one misguided part of my brain a voice said: “What a way to go.”

I knew I was well out of my depth. I decided for my own pride’s sake to step up to the plate. How would I look my mates in their inquisitive eyes if the whole evening was ruined by some reckless and immature response from me. Highly likely as that was.

At that very moment the words she whispered in my ear struck a familiar chord with me. She wanted me to take her to places she had yet to visit on her own astral path of physical delight. I had heard those words before, in a movie on the adult channel at my Cousin Vinnie’s. Vinnie watched a lot of the adult channel.

In the following moments our bodies dissolved into a blinding stupor of passion in which all reality ceased to exist. Recklessness and prevarication gave way to prideful ecstasy as the music of lasciviousness played chord after sensuous chord until we lay exhausted our bodies forced to admit astral plains had been ascended and victory flags raised, more than once I have to say.

As she left the room, with the drizzle still falling softly outside, she turned and uttered the most memorable of words: “ I am fixated by your body, I loved the chords you played with such reckless abandon, you should come see me again.”

I gulped.

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10 Responses to Monday Wordle #45 – January 26, 2015 – She

  1. A sensual and perfect write Michael. Such a wordsmith you are 😊

  2. Bastet says:

    Oh wow! Not this is a delightfully warm write … nice read on a cold day 😉

  3. phylor says:

    whew! hot stuff! any further visits? my wordles writes are much more mundane.

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