JusJoJan Day 21-30 Prompt – Sex


Linda’s Prompt: Sex

We were sitting in the local watering hole one day doing what we do well there.

Lounging on the bar, believing that we were important for no other reason than our presence held the bar up.

Often on days like today, you know those days where its so hot you just want to stop moving and lie in a big heap somewhere though we were always happy to heap ourselves at the bar and let the day go by suffering as we did under the hotels air con system which depending on its time of the month worked or it didn’t, or like any good woman I knew worked when it wanted to.

This day in question was one of our random word days. We have stimulating conversations like this when we get bored with politics and who won the footy or the score in the test match.

Barney in his usual languid way threw in the word sex. The result was dead silence for the next five minutes. I think the suggestion threw Barney as well for he was never short of an opinion on most things.

But it was Simmo sitting to my left who engaged us that day. Simmo wasn’t a very garrulous man, he chipped in with his five cents worth from time to time but mostly he sipped his beer and listened, as Barney and I would invariably discuss some subject that usually ended up in us having an argument of some kind.

But this day Simmo was off and going. As off and going as he could in his slow laborious drawl.

‘I had sex once,’ he said. ‘I remember it clearly you know. You don’t forget events like that. It was a Tuesday, just after six in the evening. Her name was Lyla. She’d been sitting at the bar just up from where you are now Robbo, (that’s me).

Both Barney and I turned our heads simultaneously in the hope a body called Lyla might still be there but all we saw was drunk Dan and he never had a good word to say about anyone.

But Simmo went on. ‘She was beautiful, had red flowing hair, gorgeous legs and a figure that left you speechless. I’d seen her in here a few times and I knew she was a looker. But this day she sidled up to me and asked me if I could buy her a drink. Next thing I knew we were having a conversation, well she did most of the talking, I mumbled a few replies, I’m not all that good with women you know.

She sat real close like, rubbed her leg against mine, stroked my arm, even started whispering in my ear.

I’d never had a woman as beautiful as Lyla that close before. Things did start to happen, you know what I mean. Things. Things that are usually quiet, at least here in the bar. She ran her hand up my leg and I knew she could see that I was flushing. I know cause she giggled and made a remark about my reaction.

She said she had a room upstairs and would I go up with her for a while. The way I was feeling there was no way I was going to let her go too soon so like a puppy I followed her up to her room.’

‘And what happened?’ We both asked as one.

‘We had sex,’ replied Simmo.

Both Barney and I sat back and scrutinised Simmo as never before. He never struck us the active type. The most activity we’d ever seen from him was getting off his stool to go to the toilet.

Simmo sat there and let us think, let us draw the pictures in our heads and they were fuzzy to say the least.

‘Ya didn’t think I had it in me did jas?

‘No Simmo we didn’t’

‘You’d be surprised with what I can do,’ he said. ‘You get me worked up like Lyla did and there’s no holding me back.’

‘You sure it was sex you had Simmo?’ asked the incredulous Barney.

Simmo fixed him a smile and said ‘Barney it was all wham bam thank you Ma’am.’

With that we other two settled back on our stools and ordered another round of beers. We had no stories to contribute to this discussion at least ones we could brag about.

Written for: http://lindaghill.com/2015/01/20/jusjojan-day-21-30-prompt/

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22 Responses to JusJoJan Day 21-30 Prompt – Sex

  1. LindaGHill says:

    I love it, Michael. Beautifully written – I felt like I was there. 😀 Thanks for linking to JusJoJan!

  2. LindaGHill says:

    I was the bartender. 😉

  3. theblogwoman says:

    Great contribution to the prompt….I like the story.

  4. mandy smith says:

    Very entertaining, Michael!

  5. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    What a great story, Michael!! Had to chuckle imaging the 2 fellas listening in shock at Simmo…good for him!!

  6. Three cheers for Simmo! As I read the closing as they settled on their stools and reordered I could really picture them, with stunned but very matter of fact expressions, well done mate.

  7. weebluebirdie says:

    Love the understatement 🙂

  8. Susan Langer says:

    Very good story. I felt like an eavesdropper in the bar that night, I could feel myself blushing.

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