Fairytale Prompt #10 – The Mind Dragon

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I was sitting in my garden looking out over the view, sipping on my morning cup of tea, daydreaming as I do when I’m sitting there looking over the flood plain. I heard a rustle behind me; a sort thud and looking round and saw a sight that took my breath away.

There stood a dragon, some fifteen feet long at least. Looking at me initially I thought as his next meal. To say I was somewhat taken aback is to put it all mildly.

The dragon looked me in the eye and suddenly we were connected. He spoke to me in my mind.

‘Good morning, I am a Mind Dragon.’

‘A Mind Dragon?’

‘Yes. You can see me but I speak to you through your mind. Cool eh?’

‘Yes. Remarkable. What do you want?’

‘Ah I knew you’d ask that. Oh and by the way I am not here to eat you. I’m vegetarian these days. Far too much heartburn in the past you see. As a Mind Dragon I am here to offer you a chance to see the world. Its very simple you climb on and off we go. You choose the destination.’

‘Like a holiday?’

“Well more like a road trip though in our case an air trip. I fly you see, zip here and there and back again. It will be fun I can assure you.’

‘Won’t I need like a coat or helmet, goggles.’

‘ I don’t piffle with such things. Just climb on my back and off we shall go. So where to do you think?’

‘Oh ahmmmm……the USA North America?’

‘Done, lets go.’

With that I climbed on board and we were soon flying away, above the clouds and not once did I feel the wind it was very much smooth sailing or flying in this case. In what seemed a second he said to me to look to my left, the Golden Gate Bridge.

‘Impressive isn’t it,’ he said as he zoomed in lower and we flew along side the great structure. Then he banked and we were flying under the roadway and up the other side. ‘Nor many people get that view of the bridge,’ he commented as we flew away towards the west.

Within seconds he announced we were closing in on the east coast.

‘Down there is the home of the fairy-tale princess. The one who makes all this possible. Remarkable woman I think you’ll agree?’

As he said that we sailed over a house not so far from the ocean in which I could see the fairy-tale princess at work at her desk creating another of her extraordinary feminine images.

‘I can see why you have some of her work on your walls, it is extraordinary as you said.’

I realised I had to be careful with what I thought as the Mind Dragon was listening to every thought that was going through my head.

“Its ok you know I listen to everyone’s thoughts, I can handle all your doubt, your excitement, your wishes your dreams. Its my job to show you a few things you might not normally get to see.’

He said this as we sailed past the Statue of Liberty and headed north as he said to the nations capital.

In and out we sailed of streets, all the while the Mind Dragon was giving me a running commentary, occasionally circling some point of interest, stopping in mid air here and there as he pointed out another historical feature on our journey.

Then he swung west and I thought he must be heading home now.

‘No just going to give you a peek into Canada, we wont go to far north as it is far too cold even for a Mind Dragon.’

Within seconds again in he was in my head, ‘Down there is the Indian Girl.’

He sailed across a cityscape and flew down and around a small house in which I could see the Indian Girl sitting at her computer, as I knew she did every day.

‘Yes she is thinking of you and no you can’t stop in nor can you pick her up on our travels. She has to find her own Mind Dragon in order to experience what you are right now.’

Having said that he zoomed away and flew out across the ocean and within seconds I was back in my backyard, sitting on my seat the Mind Dragon beside me, puffing slightly.

‘That was the amazing thing I have ever done,’ I exclaimed. ‘Wow that was spectacular.’

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it. We can do it another day if you like. Anywhere else you’d like to journey?’

‘Yes, I’d like to see Northern Europe, Lithuania, Sweden those places, always wanted to visit those places.’

‘Piece of cake,’ he replied. ‘See you next time then.’

With that he was gone. When was next time I wondered? My tea I thought, damn, I’ll have to make a fresh one.

I picked up my cup and it was still hot, just as I had left it. So what had I just done?

I still wonder, and wait for his return.


Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/fairytale-prompt-10/


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19 Responses to Fairytale Prompt #10 – The Mind Dragon

  1. Fable-icious! I definitely need such a ride. 🙂

  2. Larry says:

    Oh I loved this! What a fun trip!

  3. JackieP says:

    Great story, and yes, you wouldn’t want to go too far into Canada, you’d freeze your Aussie butt off. LOL

  4. Pingback: I Got the Blues | The Call of the Pen

  5. Oh!! I so enjoyed this one, Michael…I was hoping you’d fly over Canada…It was so great, you flew over places I have been in the USA too. Umm, your dragon is a bit of a wimp though finding it cold to come to Canada…{chuckles)

    • It was a great trip Oliana though he says his trepidation about your climate is more with places north of you. I think he may have suffered a little frost bite in the past. Thanks for your comment.

  6. RoSy says:

    Oh – I want a mind dragon of my own!
    BTW – Next time you come through the USA – feel free to stop by to say hi 🙂

    • If you think hard enough RoSy one will turn up. Next time I will get him to swing by your part of town. I’ll expect you all to be out in your front yard waving as we go by, or if I can convince him we may stop for a cup of tea.

  7. Lyn says:

    Love it, love it, love it!
    I love dragons, they’re so misunderstood 🙂

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