Fairytale Prompt #9 – Down the Rabbit Hole


I followed the rabbit to the bottom of our garden where I found the most extraordinary thing.

Just past the old mulberry tree there was a small hole. I was sure it wasn’t there the last time I ventured to this part of the garden.

It looked like just a hole but on the edge of the hole was a small star, one of those stars you get in a bag full of stars.

I stopped and stared, and then the strangest sensation, it twinkled at me. I went closer for a better look.

The star twinkled once more and I felt mesmerised its beauty.

I was so distracted by the star that I had failed to notice the hole beyond it. It was a black hole no doubt about that but there was a light. A dim light but a light all the same coming from inside the hole.

There also the unmistakeable sounds of the Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk* I knew the piece of music as we had just this past week played with it in music class and we had all loved walking around our classroom pretending to walk like baby elephants.

As I looked into the hole, the light grew stronger and I felt myself being…. sucked in.

It was the strangest thing.

It just happened.

Down I went.

And down further.

My mind struggled to comprehend what was happening.

I thudded to a stop. I looked up into the eyes of the biggest rabbit I had ever seen.

‘You are late,’ he said in a voice that sounded like two nail files being rubbed together.

‘Pardon?’ I asked

‘The dinner has begun, the stew is getting cold, and your tardiness is unacceptable.’ he said sternly.

‘But I don’t like stew,’ I replied.

‘What!’ he roared and leant forward sniffed me thoroughly, ‘Oh no, not another one,’ He exclaimed and scuttled off down the passageway.

He left me standing there quite flummoxed I can tell you. I had no idea as to what I should do though my mind was in a quandary as to how I might get out of this place?

A voice then said, ‘Better get a move on, and don’t keep him waiting.’

I heard the voice as clearly as you might see any invisible voice.

‘If you hurry now you’ll get there before the dessert.’ Said the voice again. ‘Its stewed apple tonight’

‘But I don’t like stew. I told the rabbit and he got all uppity and ran off.’

‘Oh dear well you’d best be off then, they may have some red and purple jelly left, you never know these days.’

‘Which way?’ I asked.

‘Straight-ahead, until you come to the charming door. You can’t miss it has a brass knocker, looks like a dragon.’

I still have no idea who was speaking but his voice sounded kind and sort of understanding and so I set off in the direction he said.

As I walked along I could hear Mancini’s music getting louder. As I walked along there was this distinct sound as if the walls were whispering about me as I wandered past.

I had this odd feeling a thousand voices were gossiping about me at once.

It wasn’t long before I found the door with the dragon like brass knocker. It did look like a dragon and it was the most charming dragon you could imagine.

I had never engaged in conversation with a dragon before but he was so polite and inquiring I couldn’t help but feel as though I had known him for ages.

He wanted to know where I had come from, was there anything he could do for me, to watch out for the nasty jack rabbit and if I wanted a cup of tea while I was waiting.

My mother had always taught me manners were the mark of any person and I was very polite and pleasant in my replies to the dragon’s questions.

There was a pause in our conversation during which I stopped to take in my bearings. I had no idea where I was nor did I know what was going on. Rabbits, strange voices, a dragon doorknocker that spoke ever so nicely to me, I was beginning to think I was in a nightmare.

It was getting to be too much.

I could feel a sense of panic setting in.

Where was I? What was this place? Was there a way out?

What as it that everything to do with food had the word stew in it?

I knew one thing for certain that I was not in any way hungry.

Then the door was flung open and a parade came through with the rabbit in the lead waving the sergeant major’s baton, followed by a curious assortment of animals all marching in time, a very large wombat at the rear banging on a very large drum as the band in front of him belted out a raucous rendition of the Baby Elephant Walk.

Suddenly they all wheeled right and headed straight for me and there was a crash. My head hurt, my arm stung.

I was in the dark. What had happened?

I fumbled about. Then a light came on.

My mum was standing there. What was she doing here?

Then she held me and I knew what it was.

A nasty dream she said as she tucked me back into bed.

But when she left it all came back and I knew it was more than a dream. Then I heard the voice of the dragon knocker say: ‘Its ok you know, we are not far away, next time you drop by, try and stay for some tea.’


Anyone not familiar with Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk here is a link to see a cute version of it:



Written for: http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/fairytale-prompt-9/

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18 Responses to Fairytale Prompt #9 – Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. One of those stars you get in a bag full of stars, I chuckled. Nightmare or wonderful dream, a little of both. I liked the wombat following the rabbit, little bit of Aussie thrown in there 🙂 a lovely fairy tale mate, well done.

  2. JackieP says:

    Now that’s a right nice fairy tale Michael. I too liked the wombat….lol Remind me not look to close at holes in the ground 😉

  3. Lyn says:

    Wonderful story Michael; I loved it 🙂 We had a Mulberry tree when I was a kid and I loved climbing it. Never saw a black hole though. I especially loved your dragon!

  4. You know I found that scary thougj well written of course heh

  5. This is so charming love it XD

  6. Bastet says:

    Love this Michael, shades of Carroll here and love the dragon knocker a great story!

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