Prompt 57 Shock and A Seething Rise To Vengeance – Malevolence


You led me a merry dance,

For nigh on twenty years, you kept at it.

Even when it was over

Like a hand from the grave

You actively pursued me

Dragging me deeper

Into the morass of your world

Doing your utmost to poison

The minds of those I loved.

I know you spread your story

Afraid I am sure of my tale

Getting out ahead of yours.

Your guilt ambassadors hounded me

But by then I knew the truth.

There were moments when I doubted

That I was anything more than

Excrement under your shoe.

Then I saw the light, stood up

Said no more, rescued those to be rescued

Protected the weak, began to build a life

Contrary to yours, one you couldn’t countenance.

It was love, understanding, compassion,

No dogma, prescriptions,

Nor guilt infested proclamations.

We saw through your emotional blackmail

And despite your best efforts

To guilt me, hobble me, set others against me

Your vindictiveness showed through

You were seen for what you are.

Remember I told you long ago

Your actions would leave you a lonely old woman

Cooped up in your small malevolent world

Wallowing in the mire of your own making.


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15 Responses to Prompt 57 Shock and A Seething Rise To Vengeance – Malevolence

  1. Michael one of your best truly superb and though full of pain I can feel your strength in this

  2. This is powerfully written Michael. Your emotions glaring upon the page. It also, for reasons that you know this evening, impacts on me greatly.

  3. JackieP says:

    Strength comes when we need it, as it seems to have come to you. The post is threaded, full of that strength. Sometimes we just need to face the truth and stand up for ourselves and let the other stuff go or it will drag us down till we wallow in the blackness with them. Great post Michael.

  4. Very powerful!! 🙂 🙂

  5. RoSy says:

    What a living nightmare. But – in the end…good always prevails over evil 😉

  6. Bastet says:

    Ah…Micheal…this just touches too close to home…very well written.

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