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Sunday Writing Prompt – 25th October – At the Edge of the Universe.

  The inhabitants we would find intriguing if not repulsive. They, like humans, are gregarious; they like to mill around a lot. Togetherness, they consider strength. They don’t any concept of time as we do but rather measure the daylight and … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #277 – Looking Up

Image: – Jovana Rikalo It’s a long way, isn’t it? A long way. Are they real do you think or are they an illusion? Oh, they are real. Can they be so many? I read the other day that what … Continue reading

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 61

PROMPT Here is a complex thought for you to decipher. Choose a part of it, if you so desire, and use it as an inspiration to write your piece. In the immensity of consciousness, a light appears — a tiny … Continue reading

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Haibun Thinking – December 23rd 2014

Image: Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night It was that moment when I was standing on the edge that I began to think about the universe and my place in it. I reflected for some time before arriving at the … Continue reading

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Tale Weaver’s Prompt #5 “Slang” – Sensuate.

It was a busy time in the Third Star Bar and Swill. It was populated by the usual array of intergalactic riff raff. The Groks had come to town, finished with their monthly clean up of the Milky Way, as … Continue reading

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