Sunday Writing Prompt – 25th October – At the Edge of the Universe.

  The inhabitants we would find intriguing if not repulsive. They, like humans, are gregarious; they like to mill around a lot.

Togetherness, they consider strength.

They don’t any concept of time as we do but rather measure the daylight and darkness. Their environment they treasure, accept and nurture.

The planet provides more than adequately for them. It is, for the most part, a land of plenty. They enjoy their daylight hours working the land, sowing weeding and harvesting.

Social order is a collective endeavour. Long ago they decided how they wanted to live, and they concluded that getting along with one another was a far better idea than any alternative. As a result, ego is a dirty word and has, for the most part, been evolved out of their makeup.

They enjoy making and seeing their neighbours happy and content. Competition only exists at harvest time when they marvel at the feats of others in producing that little bit more.

Physically they are more blob-like than humanoid. They have no clear features such as eyes and limbs but rather get about by hovering over the ground. They are surprisingly agile, and as we know, looks can be deceiving.

They are vegetarians and have evolved a simple and efficient way of eating.

Their mouths are beneath their bodies. As they hover over the ground, they are able to settle on a patch of grass and devour it. It is an efficient method requiring neither bending nor limbs.

You’d expect with their mouth where it is body waste would be an issue, but where we would expect their hips to be there is an outlet that deals just as effectively with that issue.

They are very herd-like such that when not working on growing and nurturing the land, they roam the grasslands together. They have no shelter as we might imagine it, as their skin is impervious to weather. At night they simply stop and wait till the sun rises and start all over again.

How they produce more of their kind, I’m not sure, but it must be equally as efficient as everything else about them as there are plenty of the beings in existence.

On one occasion, one fell and injured itself. Its skin was ruptured, and it hung limply in pain.

Immediately those closest gathered around it. From within their bodies, needle type apparatus’ appeared and in a matter of seconds had I assumed injected the injured one, and its injuries disappeared.

They communicated with me through their minds. Once they had figured out my brain waves, I began to ‘hear’ what they wanted. Reading one’s mind leaves no place for secrets, which I quickly discovered. They literally removed from my mind everything I knew, and once it was over, as painful as it was, they left me alone.

I settled down to sleep as the entire experience was very tiring and when I woke I was at home in my back yard, they’d deposited me where they found me, under the clothes line.

My wife called out, wondering why I was taking so long to hang the washing, that’s how long the whole experience seems to have taken.

I know it was real as I have bruises on my skull from where they inserted their probes but its not a story to say too loudly as who would believe me.

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6 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt – 25th October – At the Edge of the Universe.

  1. Lyn says:

    Well, I’d believe you,and I’m sure Miss Marble would too, but I think Crisp would certainly have a word or three in…shall we say in, “incredulity.” 😀

  2. Sadje says:

    Great imagination Michael

  3. Be thankful they only inserted probes in your head. I’ve heard stories about other probes

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