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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #12 – The Anderson Sisters

It was one of those holidays where all they seemed to do was visit churches and an endless steam of castles. George was getting tired of it and was heard on more than one occasion to voice his opinion about … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #139 – Faith, Hope and Charity

Image: – Andre Govia Mother Superior banged her cane on the desk “Faith, Hope and Charity sit up. What a misnomer you three turned out to be.” Faith was a feckless girl Hope was plain reckless And Charity was simply … Continue reading

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Creative Expressions #9: Black and white memories – The Rose Sisters

Our town bred eccentrics. I should know I am one of them. The Rose sisters Camellia, Violet and Daisy were always trying to stretch the boundaries of fun. During the war years our local paper tried various ways of lifting … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #25 “The Other Woman” – My Sister Cecile

Image: Tom Bagshaw   My father once told us the story of the ugly duckling.   My sister Cecile is a right bitch. The good-looking one. The one with brains. The scholarship The impending engagement. Mother’s favourite, daddy’s pet.   … Continue reading

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