Photo Challenge #139 – Faith, Hope and Charity


Image: – Andre Govia

Mother Superior banged her cane on the desk

“Faith, Hope and Charity sit up.

What a misnomer you three turned out to be.”

Faith was a feckless girl

Hope was plain reckless

And Charity was simply thick,

At least in Mother Superior’s opinion.

“It’s a disgrace to the Lord that you girls be called

Faith, Hope and Charity

When you haven’t a brain between you.

It’s a wonder you know when to come in out of the rain.”

She admonished the girls at every opportunity

Empty vessels she called them

And sat them to one side of the room.

There they caused no trouble

Other than constantly chatting to each other

She’d whack the cane on the desk closest

Bringing them to order.

When the Bishop visited he marvelled at the girls

Dressed the same, the same gormless look,

They answered the same

When asked by the Bishop

to say an Act of Faith, Hope or Charity

“In God we trust.” They chorused.

The Bishop was beside himself with joy

Suggested to Mother Superior the girls be rewarded.

She bowed graciously, “Yes my Lord.”

But when he left she rolled her eyes

Joked with the class.

The girls sat silently, wondering what they had done

As around them everyone cheered

As Mother Superior announced a reward for all.



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2 Responses to Photo Challenge #139 – Faith, Hope and Charity

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    They sound like interesting girls at least from a writers perspective. Why so empty? The Mother Superior just thinks they are dumb? Or just know how to say the right things but have no real knowledge? Or maybe the Mother Superior lacks those traits — the girls’ names? Interesting story Michael.

    • Michael says:

      I think the issue lies with the Mother Superior….she doesn’t like the girls, who being triplets for one are different and who apparently behave somewhat differently and the old nuns who taught me could never abide any kid who might be different in any way.

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