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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83 – Perspective

One of the things that makes the world go round is the different perspectives we see to most of life’s topics. We all come from different contexts where we were brought up by parents who believed they were doing the … Continue reading

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What do you See? March/26/2019 – The Apparition

The monks who gathered in front of the derelict chapel did so for a reason. It was once again the first Tuesday of the month, and the day the apparition appeared above the chapel door. For those remaining monks it … Continue reading

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 24, 2017 – Cracks and Joins

Image: Thanks Dorothy The monk despite his austere life and dedication to meditation and devotion still possessed a very human trait. He hated stepping on cracks or joins of any kind. So he found himself in a spot of bother … Continue reading

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Today’s prompt is:  A little about your beliefs, faith, lack thereof, or why you don’t want to talk about it (please, no attacks on other’s beliefs). I was brought up in a pretty strict Catholic household. Every Sunday at 6.30am … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #139 – Faith, Hope and Charity

Image: – Andre Govia Mother Superior banged her cane on the desk “Faith, Hope and Charity sit up. What a misnomer you three turned out to be.” Faith was a feckless girl Hope was plain reckless And Charity was simply … Continue reading

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Music Prompt #51: “They don’t care about us” by Michael Jackson

I wonder who the carers are In the face of wanton destruction. You wonder if anyone cares. No matter our shape, our colour Our religious affiliations There is someone out there Intent on using who and what we are As … Continue reading

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Kreative Kue 42 – Sister Juanita Maria

Sister Juanita Maria had taken on the job of establishing her own religious order, which incorporated all the best aspects of Catholicism and Buddhism. Her habit was modelled on both religions the colourful orange of the Buddhists and the austere … Continue reading

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Journal Monday Prompt #11 – What Shapes Me

(Image is me standing in front of a mural wall I helped my artist son paint in 2014) This week’s prompt: write about something that helped to shape your outlook on life. I found this prompt challenging in that it … Continue reading

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Wordle #50 March 2, 2015 – Brother Andrew

This week’s words: Madcap (wildly impulsive, heedless) Blister Strap Aureole (a halo) Accident Howl Gnaw Flagellation (flogging, associated most frequently with BDSM or religious penitence) Craven (cowardly) Scale Victim Shelf Brother Andrew knelt on the stone floor before the altar. … Continue reading

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