Kreative Kue 42 – Sister Juanita Maria


Sister Juanita Maria had taken on the job of establishing her own religious order, which incorporated all the best aspects of Catholicism and Buddhism.

Her habit was modelled on both religions the colourful orange of the Buddhists and the austere brown of the very religious sisters of the Holy Mary Mother of the Christ.

What set her order of nuns apart from other orders of nuns was her adoption of Saint Keith Kreates as her spiritual mentor.

Saint Keith Kreates was one of the least known of the churches saints having recently been canonised after several within the blogging community had contributed their miraculous recovery from writers block to Saint Keith’s intervention.

The fact that Keith was still alive and performing miracles made his elevation to the ranks of the churches saints all the more fascinating.

Sister Juanita Maria was setting up her order of nuns to assist the poor writers of this world and from her own observation there were enough to keep her in business for the rest of eternity.

Every morning she would rise from her bed of shredded Complete Shakespearean works and after dressing and uttering her morning mantra of “ I will write today, just one word then two” she would make her way to the chapel, which in the early stages was a small sun room at the back of her even smaller house.

There she would prayer for sinners and writers, sometimes unable to distinguish between the two before making herself a hearty breakfast nourished with some vigorous reading of Jane Austen whose writing always inspired to try harder and write succinctly.

But today Sister Juanita Maria was out in the community showing off her new habit, her Saint Keith Kreates hat, she’d written his name on the side herself, and was on her way to the towns Internet café where she knew the down and out of the writing community could be found.

So with the wind blowing her habit this way and that, she was determined that today would be a good day and that maybe Lennie the wino would see the wisdom of editing his work to remove the expletives he used, quite cleverly she had to admit, from every second word he wrote.

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17 Responses to Kreative Kue 42 – Sister Juanita Maria

  1. phlor says:

    Wickedly fun — even though I’m only guessing at the meanings of the “in” jokes.

    • ‘In’ jokes? There’s in jokes….hmmmm…..glad you found it fun…hope you are having a good day…

      • phlor says:

        I thought perhaps Saint Kreative Keith and his miraculous interventions was in reference to the picture and perhaps to the kreator of the prompt, a blogging friend, or a member of your blogging community. Therefore — St. KK was an in joke — doubly funny for those who knew the story.
        Remember, I don’t get out much anymore. And, often not to places where you’re been. Of course, not avoiding a prompt because you go there first, lol.
        Looking forward to Thursday when I can come out again and play for a while.
        PS: My Waterhouse Boreas has disappeared as my image. Sigh. Gremlins again.

      • Yes well you are right as always, I saw the name on her hat and that just suggested sainthood, don’t ask why and I bet Keith will wonder why as well….lol…..

  2. Lyn says:

    Very clever, Michael 🙂 I hope Saint Keith doesn’t get a swelled head from this post. However, if he rescues writers from the dreaded Writer’s Block, I think he deserves his sainthood. Sister Juanita can keep her bed of shredded Shakespeare, I’ll stick to my recliner.

  3. phylor says:

    Found the gremlins — they’ve been eating letters and adding https, so I have to edit my comment details. Now to find where the gremlins perpetrated this invasion of identity!

  4. What greater honour can there be than to be mentioned in a story. I raise my hat to you, sir, if the wind doesn’t whip it off me.

    • My pleasure good and saintly sir. It was the name on her hat that led me in that direction.

      • I have seen some horrendous uses of identifying watermarks/logos that destroy the aesthetics of the photos they are designed to identify/protect. I am currently trying to incorporate my watermark/logo into the image in a sympathetic and, where possible, humorous way. This was something of an experiment.

      • Well it gave me a great way into the story….and in the modern age where the visual is so important why wouldn’t the good sister wear the saints name on her hat.

  5. Now you talk about working Keith in. I really enjoyed this. For some reason, I wasn’t getting e-mail notification and now I fixed that. This was clever and loaded with subtle humor.(every other word hahaha) Well done Michael.

  6. RoSy says:

    Saint Keith – eh? 😉

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