Wordle #78 “September 14, 2015” – Gladys


This week’s words: Technicolor Rare Grate Silence Geminate (to make or become doubled or paired) Razorwine (Any extremely potent alcoholic beverage, no less than 100 proof) Puppet Stygian (of or relating to the river Styx or to Hades. Dark or gloomy. Infernal; hellish.) Inept Moon Torsion (The act of twisting. The twisting of a body by two equal and opposite torques.) Sour

Gladys Stygian was a gloomy woman. If you stood to close to her and for too long you had this sense that the gates of hell were about to open and swallow you up into its infernalness.

Needless to say Gladys didn’t attract many friends, as her gloominess was without a doubt infectious. At the age of twenty Gladys did manage the attention of Freddy Parsnips the green grocer. Somehow or other Freddy became enamoured of Gladys. Some have speculated it was the razorwine Gladys consumed in vast quantities and when shared with Freddy left him a hopeless wreak of a man incapable of any rational thought.

When he awoke from his inebriated state he realised the ring on his finger was a sentence to horrible too contemplate but he was a loyal and honest man and decided living with Gladys couldn’t be all-bad.

Within months Freddy and Gladys found themselves to be expecting a child. It was about this time that Gladys began to change, the daughter of Hades with the hellish demeanour began to infect all and everything around her.

This of course grated on Freddy who as the days passed began to detest his wife’s behaviours. Any friends they had disappeared and no matter how hard Freddy tried with his best torsion techniques there was no way his friends were going to come within a bull’s roar of Gladys whose behaviour became even more exaggerated when the pregnancy scan showed they were having twins.

Freddy took this news with great alarm and the thought that he and his wife would be responsible for such a dreadful possibility of geminating two offspring, both of whom were sure to be infested with Gladys’ genes reduced him to an rare silence as he contemplated what to do.

Such was Freddy’s stress over this issue that he had become a puppet in Gladys’ hands as she filled his head with all sorts of ideas that he soon became nothing more than a torsion to her as he strove to complete and comply with her every wish: running here and there, making this and that, going up and down and spending most of his time nodding in agreement with her.

But deep down he knew Gladys was insane. She would make a hellish mother and the trouble was they both knew this to be true.

If there was one thing that reduced Gladys to an example of an inept human being it was a full moon. On these occasions she would confine herself to her bed, pull the covers over her head and howl with terrifying ferocity. Freddy had discovered over the years that the spare room was the place to be on such nights.

But being pregnant only increased Gladys’ anger and torment. The only thing Freddy had discovered that quietened her down was to wrap her in his technicolour dream coat, which his mum had given him on his sixteenth birthday.

Around Gladys the coat shone, the colours glowed and Gladys quietened. The movement in her stomach, which as her confinement approached also quietened and Freddy began to feel a sense of control over the terrible monster, his wife became on the full moon.

That and a sip or two or three of razorwine and soon she was sleeping peacefully. It was at this time that Freddy would watch her stomach, the ripples of movement would slow, the babies at last more content would cease their own version of hell’s fiery depths and Freddy would feel his own life which was once so sweet had turned a decided sour.

Their birth was torsion at its best as Gladys twisted this way and that in labour that frightened the nursing staff. Outside the moon shone at its fullest and the babies fought to get out ahead of the other.

The birth was greeted with celebration and much relief. Freddy sat in the corner of room and silently wished his life away as his wife once conscious of her surroundings began to pull at his strings to get this, get that and most of all insist that the baby boy and girl be called Percy and Petronella.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/wordle-78-september-14-2015/

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8 Responses to Wordle #78 “September 14, 2015” – Gladys

  1. But deep down he knew Gladys was insane. This really says it all right here. What a madhouse and what a handful. I really love the idea of technicolor dream coat in fact I would love for it to have a story of its own!

  2. Lyn says:

    I’ve known one or two women like that in real life. Shrieking banshees whose profanities would make a wharfie blush. Maybe Freddy should consider having all of Gladys’s wardrobe made from the technicolor dream coat material 🙂

  3. RoSy says:

    Eeek – I believe I know a couple of Gladyses!

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