Photo Challenge #19 “While You Were Sleeping”


Artist: Martin Stranka


While you were sleeping we had such fun.

My friends those groupies who follow me round

Came traipsing over, to sip your champagne

Raided your wine cellar, your reds are divine

Before we tired of that and jumped on the beds.

Then Georgia said I dare you all,

To strip off your clothes

Run naked around the yard.

It wasn’t long and there was much flesh

Laughing and singing, round the blazing bonfire.

Lyn bought chocolate and the yummiest cream buns

Washed down with coffee

In your Royal Doulton cups.

We warmed our naked selves, sitting way to close

For six of us made love then and there

But Mary and Grace had to go home for their tea.

We frolicked and danced, wore the funniest hats

A pillow fight caused many feathers to fly.

For when you are sleeping

Its time to play,

We get out our toys, the ones hidden away

After checking that you are still in repose

We soon embark on the night’s great lark.

We love to cavort and rock and roll

Our bare selves love to let down our hair.

You’ll take my word I’m sure you will

When you awake and look at my knees,

Noticing they are grubby and scratched.

It’s the only tell tale sign you’ll see

Of our big night of revelry.


For praying is not what any of us did,

While you were sleeping, we were having such fun.


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18 Responses to Photo Challenge #19 “While You Were Sleeping”

  1. lol Michael that sounds like one hell of a wild night!

  2. Lyn says:

    Michael, you wild child you 🙂

  3. phylor says:

    Can I come out and play too, next time? I really enjoyed your poem!

  4. RoSy says:

    Quite an adventurous night!

  5. JackieP says:

    My goodness Michael. One wouldn’t think you had it in you, you little devil. LOL
    Partying and having sex and all that! Only thing missing…I didn’t get an invite! For shame! LOL

  6. Gabriella says:

    Very original take on this photo, Michael!

  7. Your typical bucks night,if the girls weren’t there. 🙂

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